Male Labradoodle born August 25, 2003 owned by Todd and Amy Johnson, handled by Todd Johnson

Things started to click for Caesar in 2006. He got his third Obedience leg in the January TDTC Obedience Trial, earning his UCD and a High Scoring AMBOR in the process. In August we waded into the Agility waters and earned all three legs of his AGI title and a leg on his AGII title. The AGII leg came from a first place run that also earned another HS AMBOR ribbon. At a November Agility trial, Caesar picked up his second and third AGII legs and another HS AMBOR. After a quick move-up, we started working on his points. His first run in the “B” group did not go over so well. While he did have a qualifying score, it was not even close to earning any points. He did redeem himself on his next run by earning a perfect 200! Overall, the November trial went really well considering every run earned a qualifying score. Which makes up for getting an “NQ” on 50% of his runs in the August trial.

All of this is pretty surprising for a dog that routinely gives “demonstrations” at his agility tests by showing why he is an alumni of “Crazy-Go-Nuts University.” But now that he has got to play in the Agility ring, I am not so sure that his paws are interested in stepping into the Obedience ring again.

Titles Earned
At least one High Scoring AMBOR at each trial!

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