Still the Most Fun Agility Dog Ever!

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“Kenzie Tyson”

Female Shetland Sheepdog born April 23, 2005 owned and handled by Jane Tyson

I chose Kenzie entirely over the phone, based on her personality and bloodlines. I had not even seen a picture of her, prior to picking her up. All I knew about her appearance was that she was sable and white, and that she would be small. Kenzie came into my heart and my home on November 22, 2005, wearing Celene’s left white glove, and also identical markings on her face and head! She is such a special one–it is like Celene looked down from above and sent an angel to Cheri and I. Well, maybe more like a clown…Kenzie is a fun-loving, goofy little girl who is very silly. She has quite a talent for making people smile and laugh. Cheri has learned to take Kenzie’s high energy in stride, and Cheri and Kenzie have grown to be buddies. Kenzie just adores toys. I am glad that I finally have a dog to enjoy all the toys we have won at trials. Despite all the fancy toys, Kenzie’s favorite game is fetch with an old tennis ball. She will even do the weaves with the tennis ball in her mouth!!

Kenzie is very smart, and she is very happy. Everything is fun to Kenzie, and she loves everybody she meets. She behaves very nicely when left in the crate, and is also a good traveler. She is also a Therapy Dog with TDInc and Asbury PAWS.

Kenzie earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate in March 2006, before she even started beginners obedience class. In August 2006, she completed her obedience training required to take agility classes by finishing her Novice I class and testing out of Novice II the same week. In obedience, she received both her U-CD and CD in 2007, qualifying in 3 straight trials to get each title.

I started familiarizing Kenzie with agility equipment in early 2006, and found that she is a very fast learner. Kenzie is a natural at agility and she loves it. She surprised me (at the very young age of 15 months) in August 2006 (before ever starting agility classes) with a perfect score on her first run ever at a trial (a UKC AGII run) with a time of 36.7 on a 70 SCT course. She won first place on both the runs that she did, and also got High in Trial for her first run ever. In my wildest dreams, I didn’t expect that! I was just hoping that she wouldn’t try to socialize with the judge and the ring stewards during our run or leave me in the dust to make up her own course. I am very proud of Kenzie. She was able to begin agility classes in the Open class, and was able to hold her own with the other dogs in her class, even though she was still very much a puppy.

Kenzie has earned all of her agility titles very quickly. She is currently on the list of UKC Agility All Stars for 2009 in AG II and III. Kenzie has won a lot of ribbons and special awards. Usually, her not-so-stellar performances are funny and entertaining. I certainly cannot complain about that!!

This fall, Kenzie and I were fortunate enough to win the Richard Stanfield Memorial Award at Companion’s UKC agility trials. The award is given to the dog/handler team with the highest scores/fastest time in AGI, II, and III in the same trial over the course of the whole weekend. Since Richard was a dear friend and a wonderful agility competitor with his dog Susie, winning this award was extra special and a huge honor for us.

This past May at the AKC trials, she qualified in 8 out of 8 runs over the weekend, winning several blue ribbons and getting her AX title, and on her first day eligible, a Double Q, in addition to 49 MACH points over the course of the weekend! I was so proud of her.

In addition to being so good, Kenzie is a lot of fun. She is such a blessing – and she is also a wonderful pet–she sure keeps me entertained, and Cheri loves her too. Because of her speed and her potential for greatness, she has inspired me to learn to be a better handler, and she definitely keeps me laughing.

Titles Earned
2006: CGC
UKC Agility: High in Trial (Agility II–First Run Ever), UAGI, UAGII

AKC Agility: NAJ, NA, OA, OAJ, NF
AKC Obedience: CD
UKC Agility: UACH, High Combined, UACHX, High In Trial
UKC 2007 Agility All-Star AGII – 17th
UKC Obedience: U-CD, High Scoring Dog With An Additional Title

AKC Agility: AXJ
UKC Agility: High in Trial (3), High Combined (2),
High With Additional Title (2)
High in UKC Agility All Stars AGII, Div. 2, UKC Premier
Altman Memorial Award, High in AGIII, UKC Premier
Richard Stanfield Memorial Award, High In AGI, II, and III, CDST
UKC 2008 Agility All Star AGI – 44th
UKC 2008 Agility All Star AGII – 26th
UKC 2008 Agility All Star AGIII – 21st

AKC Agility: OF, AX (49 MACH Points/1 QQ her first day eligible)
UKC Agility: UGRACH3
3rd in UKC Agility All Stars AGII, Div. 2, UKC Premier
3rd in UKC Agility All Stars AGIII, Div. 2, UKC Premier
Teacup Agility: TG1, TBAD

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