Still Having a Blast at Age Eleven!

Cinder Glo Cheri

“Cheri Tyson”

Female Shetland Sheepdog born April 15, 1998, owned and handled by Jane Tyson

Cheri came to me as a borrowed dog at age 4, to help her littermate, Celene, adjust to her new home, and was supposed to be returned to the breeder a few months later. I never intended to have 2 dogs and Cheri was certainly not what I would have picked out. However, Cheri had other plans and crept into my heart when I wasn’t looking–she was very beautiful on the inside. Before I knew it, I was inquiring about buying her. A year and a half (and a litter) later, she officially became my dog in October 2003.

Cheri began obedience training at TDTC in January 2004. She was able to test out of beginning obedience and start in Novice I.

Cheri was also able to test out of beginning agility. She started her formal agility training in Intermediate agility in June 2004. Cheri received all 6 of the obedience and agility titles she received in 2004 between June and November of that year, and we only competed out of town once!

2005 was not such a good year for us. We lost Celene very suddenly in April, and attending trials became difficult for us. However, Cheri still managed to get her UACH, OA, and her NADAC novice standard title in 2005. She also made the UKC Agility All-Stars list for 2005 in AGII.

In 2005, 2006 & 2007, Cheri, who is a Therapy Dog and an Asbury PAWS dog, was one of the dogs that appeared at agility shows for the residents of St. Simeon’s. Cheri has also performed at children’s church at Asbury UMC. In 2006, 2007, and 2008, we did encore performances at Jenks East Elementary School and in 2009, word got around about us and we were asked to perform at Darnaby Elementary School as part of the Kids For Christ program.

The loss of Celene hit Cheri and I very hard. Once Cheri figured out that Celene wasn’t coming back (it took a while because once before they were separated for 5 months), her agility performances began to suffer. I think that the arrival of Kenzie has really helped Cheri, though at first Cheri would have probably been happy for me to throw Kenzie off the balcony! Kenzie is doing a great job of keeping Cheri young and playful. It has been a long road, but Cheri is finally running like a happy dog again.

Cheri made the UKC Agility All Stars List in AGI, and we traveled to Kalamazoo, Michigan to compete in the All Stars Agility Competition in June 2008, where Cheri won 3rd place in the AG I Div. 2 All Stars Competition. I was so pleased with her. She was running fast and happy. We made the All Stars list again for 2008, and traveled again to Kalamazoo, where we did well and had a great time.

This past December, we participated in TDTC’s AKC agility trials and Cheri showed me that she does have what it takes to qualify in Excellent JWW. I didn’t think she had the speed to do it, but she proved to me that she does, getting her first Excellent JWW leg. So hopefully, we will be able to get that elusive AXJ title in 2009. After 3 and a half years, we finally got Cheri’s AX title in May 2009. Cheri has suffered some hearing loss with her advancing age, but that does not seem to slow her down any–she truly is having a good time and I plan to keep on running her as long as she wants to run.

Cheri is a wonderful pet. She is calm, sweet and affectionate. She loves to be loved more than any dog I think I have ever had. She was nearly hit by two cars at night in December 2006 after being lost when I was out of town. I am so grateful that her life was spared. It was nothing short of a miracle. Even her not-so-good performances are good ones to me, because she is here with me.

I thank God for putting Cheri in my life, especially since we lost Celene. I can’t help but think that somehow Cheri knew that in the end, I was the one who would need her the most.

Titles Earned
2003: CGC

2004: CD, U-CD, UAGI, UAGII, NA, NAJ, TD Inc

2005: UACH, NAC, OA
UKC 2005 Agility All-Star AGII (24th)


2007: U-GRACH
UKC 2007 Agility All Star AGI (22nd)

2008: U-GRACH2, NF
UKC 2008 Agility All Star AGI (27th)
UKC Premier Agility All Stars Competition
3rd Place AGI Div. 2


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