November 2009

From the President

November, ah the time of year for getting prepared for the Holidays and wrapping up all the loose ends of 2009.

For those of you that didn’t attend the September General Meeting missed the opportunity of talking to the girls from the Therapeutics Service Dogs of Oklahoma. The question and answer session along with the demonstrations were well received. Thanks Jackie for this program as well as all the other programs throughout the year.

On September 12 & 13, we hosted the first UKC Rally in Oklahoma. It was very well received and many of our members got their first Rally title. Thanks goes to Maureen for her work.

Our final session of the year started the week of September 13th. Please when you see one of our instructors, give them a round of thanks for their hard work.

On October 16th, a large group of us gathered to wish Jill Perry goodbye. Ursula Ling, Mary Green and Sally Poindexter roasted her with stories from the past. There were funny ones and at the end the tears flowed from laugher and sadness. Afterwards she was given the status of Emeritus Member along with good wishes for the future. Jill will leave a hole in TDTC that will
be felt for a long time. Thank you, Jill for your endless energy and dedication for so many years at TDTC. Thanks Jeri Hajek for the food and special thanks to Michael and Carol Minden for the wonderful cake.

Our 3 day AKC Obedience/Rally trials were held October 23, 24 & 25, 2009. Our two Rally trials as well as the 3 Obedience trials were a great success. Events such as these can only be successful because of all of the hard work of many volunteers headed up by Maureen Kelly, Sally Poindexter, Lorrie Russ, Jeri Hajek and Gwen Grandell. I hope that a lot of our instructors took advantage of the Kayla Head seminar that took place on October 31 and November 1st.

Test week will be the week before Thanksgiving with Graduation on November 20th. Instructors, please sign up to evaluate the classes. On Saturday, November 21st there will be a Canine Good Citizen test from 12 to 2. Volunteers will be needed to support this event.

However, just because our classes have ended it doesn’t mean that the Club’s activities have stopped.

The first event will be our AKC Agility trials that will be held on December 4th, 5th, & 6th at the Expo Square, Super Duty Arena. Please plan on attending these functions either by showing or working or better yet both.

The second event will be our Christmas party that will be on December 12th at the Building. Please plan on attending since it is a very nice way to end an active year by enjoying good food, friends and of course the laughter during the gift exchange. More information will follow later.

Please remember that our November is our Annual Meeting where the new slate of officers is voted in for 2010. This will be my last communication with you as President. I have been President for two years and it is time for new ideas to be implemented. As I leave it is my hope that TDTC will continue
to grow and prosper.
But before I sign off, I would like to share some of my thoughts:
1- There is a word that keeps coming up about certain TDTC members. The word is “clique”.
After thinking about it I went to Mr. Webster. His definition: “Clique is a narrow exclusive circle or group of persons: especially: one held together by common interests, views or purposes”. By definition each TDTC member is part of a clique because our common interest is the training of dogs.

2- I found this article and have included it in hopes that you can understand that each of us must work together for the betterment of the Club:

Are you an active member, the kind that would be missed?
Or are you just content that your name is on the list?
Do you attend the meetings and mingle with the flock?
Or do you meet in private and criticize and knock?
Do you take an active part to help the work along?
Or are you satisfied to be the kind who just belongs?
Do you work on committees, to this there is no trick!
Or leave the work to just a few and talk about “the clique”?
So come to meetings often and help with hands and heart.
Don’t just be a member, but take an active part.
Think this over, members; you know what’s right and wrong.
Are you an active member, or do you just belong?

After reading the above and giving it some thought I came to the conclusion that to accomplish the above is to volunteer before you are asked. There are always things that need to be done.

Overall, the last two years have been productive. Like all organizations there have been good and bad times but the one thing that stands out in my mind is how great this Club is and with the continued support of the members it will get greater.

My sincere thanks go out to each and every one of you that has helped make this another great year for TDTC and my presidencies successful ones. I know deep down that each of you will support the new Board as you have supported me.



Brags - Max 1This fall has been quite a busy time for Max and Cruise. Since our last posting, Max earned one UDX leg in Enid by qualifying in both Open B and Utility B. At TDTC’s October show, Max earned two Rally Advanced legs Friday and NQ’d in Utility Saturday in both trials. I realized that Max had injured his elbow during a run he took that morning through the woods at our home and rushed him to the vet between trials. He was treated for his injuries and was feeling much better by the last open trial, scoring in the high 190’s, placing third place in a run off for third and fourth places.
At the Golden Retriever Nationals on October 25 and 26 in Enid, Max was one of nine dogs out of 29, qualifying in Utility B. He also qualified in Open B, earning his second UDX leg. Later that afternoon, Max earned a third Rally Advanced leg.
Brags - Max 2Cruise earned his first and second Rally Novice legs at TDTC’s trial and a third Rally Novice leg at Golden Retriever Nationals. He also placed second in 9-12 month conformation out of 29 dogs from 44 different states and six countries. His breeder and handler is thrilled with his accomplishment and has never had a puppy do as well at a National event. We’re looking forward to future conformation shows!
The photos are of Max in front of the Nationals teepee, after giving DNA for Golden Retriever research and Cruise with the judge and his handler after taking second place in conformation.
Kenda, Max and Cruise

Kanali earned her UR01 in September at our UKC Rally Trial and her CD in October at our AKC Obedience Trial.
Jeri Hajek and Kanali

Andy achieved his UACH in Norman earlier this month; his time was 40,5 seconds with a score of 220! It has been 2 left knee & tibia surgeries for me and he’s been a pro while we have been “catching up”. I’m so proud of him! We almost got our 1st leg in AGIII, but on the sit-jump-sit, he had an itch and came off the table…but he did the weaves at 6 feet for his first time. We’ll just keep trying like we always do 🙂

Sandie Wyman & Andy Sheriff of Mayberry..aka “Littleman”

I have two brags for my Bernese Mountain dogs. At our club’s rally trial, Bar-be earned her 2 Rally Advanced legs to become Blumoon’s Barbcue Smokehouse CD, NAP, NJP, RA. Her daughter, Cocoa earned her first 2 legs in rally novice with scores of 98 and 97 with class placements. During the 3 obedience trials, Cocoa earned her CD title with class placements in each trial. I’m so proud as this is the first time I’ve been able to get a CD title in 3 tries with class placements, so she is now Ch. Smokehouse Chocolate Souffle, CD (soon to be RN).

Carol Minden

The Golden girls are getting ready to close 2009 with a bang. We have had a fantastic year and the accomplishments keep coming.
In September, we attended TDTC’s first ever UKC Rally trials and we had a great time. Aubrie started and finished her U-RO1 title with scores of 98, 95, and 97. Layla also started and finished her U-RO1 title with a perfect 100 (3rd place), 97 (2nd place, beating all times for her score), and 99 (2nd place). Layla and I earned 3 High Scoring Junior Handlers that weekend every
time we showed.
At the beginning of October, we competed at Companion’s UKC Rally trials Aubrie started and finished her U-RO2 with scores of 91, 96, and 94. Layla also started and finished her U-RO2 with scores of 94 (3rd place),97 (3rd place), and a perfect 100 (2nd place). Layla and I earned High Scoring Junior all 3 trials.
The next weekend, we competed at Sooner State Kennel Club in Enid. Aubrie picked up another RAE leg with a 1st place in Excellent B (score of 97) and a 3rd place in Advanced B (score of 95). Aubrie did not earn any agility legs that weekend, but we sure had a blast! Who knew my 7-year-old girl could run that FAST?!! Guess I better work on my handling skills! 😉 Layla also had a fantastic weekend. She got a 100 and 1st place in Rally Novice B on Saturday and a 99 and 2nd place to finish her RN on Sunday. Layla qualified every run in agility that weekend! She finished her NAJ with two 2nd places and has 2 legs on her NA with 1st places!
I began this past weekend by showing at our Rally trials. Aubrie earned 2 RAE legs and got a 3rd place in Advanced B. Layla earned 2 RA legs with a 98 and 2nd place and a 99 and 1st place in Advanced B. My most memorable show experience to date was attending the 2009 Golden Retriever National. I showed Layla in Junior Showmanship and got a 1st place and I showed both of the girls in Rally. Aubrie got her 6th RAE leg (more than halfway there!) and Layla got another RA leg. I never imagined BOTH girls placing at the National! In Advanced B, Layla got a 2nd place and Aubrie got a 3rd place. Kenda Skaggs’s dog, Max, got 4th place. All three dogs scored a 98. I had so much fun at the National and look forward to future Golden specialties!

Emily Russell and the Golden Girls:
U-CD U-RO2 Jade’s Miss Aubrie CD RE, CGC “Aubrie” (6 legs RAE, 1 leg NJP, 2 legs UAGI)
U-CDX U-RO2 U-AGII Emilys Mme Layla Could Be Blue CDX RN NAJ “Layla” (3 legs
RA, 2 legs NA, U-ACH pointed)

Thank You

September UKC Rally Trials Set-up and Clean-up

I would like to acknowledge the following people for volunteering to Set-up before and/or Clean-up after the UKC Obedience Trials held on 9/11/09 and 9/13/09: Cathy Hall, Bill & Judy Spens; Gwen Grandell; Jeri Hajek; Jill Perry; Barbara Jeleski; Gisella Klindera; Lorrie Russ, Marianne Duca; James Barlow, Warren Pagel, Ramona Stanfield, Moira Lawson, Nancy McLeod, Ann Morrison, Sandy Van De Verg, Sara Jane Jednecz; Haley and Maureen Kelly.

On September 12th and 13th the first UKC Rally Trials were held at TDTC. Numerous Novice titles were earned as well as qualifying scores to gain an Advanced title. If you were not there, whether as a participant, volunteer or just to observe, you missed a wonderful experience.
A hearty thank you for volunteering to work the trials goes to Dovie Ryan, Dianne Ree, Warren Pagel, JoEllen Corley, Mike Hopkins, Jeri Hajek, Mariann Duca, Ann Morrison and Gwen Grandell. Your help where ever you were needed was greatly appreciated. You are who makes our trials run smoothly and pure enjoyment for all those who are showing their dogs.

Lorrie Russ

October AKC Rally and Obedience Trials Set and Clean-up

I would like to acknowledge the following people for volunteering to Set-up before and/or Clean-up after the AKC Rally and Trials held on 10/23/09 and 10/25/09: Sue Young, Jeri Hajek, Betty Haws, Pam Felton, Dale & Eleanor Beymer, David Beymer, Cathy Hall, Bill Spens, Nina Lynn, Pat Kinser, Gwen Grandell, Jill Perry, Glen Brewington, Laura Morris, Mariann Duca, Tonya Sims, Warren Pagel, Meredith Butcher, Kathy Gray, Haley and Maureen Kelly.
Please accept my THANKS for jobs well done and I look forward to working with each of you again.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gwen Grandell and Sandy Van De Verg for being Chief Ring Stewards for the AKC Obedience Trial on October 23rd, 24th, and 25th. I appreciate both of them offering to take my duties as I could not attend due to a work related conflict. We are a fortunate club knowing that we have members that are willing to help each other in times of
need that are beyond our control. Each of us are what makes TDTC a working and supportive club.

Lorrie Russ

Thank you volunteers!

The AKC Rally and Obedience Trials were held at TDTC October 23, 24, & 25th. In the absence of Lorri Russ, the Chief Obedience Ring Steward, Sandy Van De Verg and Gwen Grandell attempted to take her place. There were a few people who volunteered at the last minute, and I hope we didn’t leave your names out, but if we did, you can be sure you were appreciated in a big way.
Thanks go to Dianne Ree, Dovie Ryan, Nancy McCloud, Mary Sanders, Jennifer Patton, Maureen Kelly, Mariann Duca, Ronda Clawson, Emily Russell, Mike Hopkins, Sue Warner, Haley Hahn, Don Warner, Janis Stuckert, Bill Stuckert, Roberta Allen, Renea Allen, Scott Allen, Jeri Hajek, Eleanore Beymer, Jo Ellen Corley, Pat Kinzer, Sally Poindexter, Carol Minden, Betty Haws, Margaret Swearingen, A.M. Butcher, Glen Brewington, and Laura Morris.

Gwen Grandell

I just wanted to give huge thank you to Jill Perry. I have been training with her all year in open with my bassett/beagle mix dog, Sydney. Sydney just loves Jill, she will do anything Jill asks her to do. Sydney is 9 years old and has arthritis in one back leg and she has learned to retrieve a
dumb bell and drop on command. Without Jill’s enthusiasm and encouragement I don’t think I would have kept up the training with Sydney. Sydney, being a bassett/beagle is stubborn and hard headed but I love her and she loves Jill and we will both miss her. Thanks again, Jill!!

Angela Guy

More Bragging

Jackson (Faithful Promise Keeper) and Ryleigh (Wild Wind’s Promise Ewe Keep) would like to announce that they made a trip to Colorado Springs in mid September. They both competed in the Pikes Peak Herding Trials. Jackson was 1st place Started Ducks for his 3rd leg and HSAd title. Jackson was also 3rd place Started Sheep for his 3rd leg and HSAs title. Ryleigh was 2nd place Started Sheep for her second leg. They also helped select a new little sister. We brought home a smooth blue merle collie puppy. Her name is now Wild Wind’s Promise a Fast Finish – or “Danica” for short. She is keeping all of us quite busy.

Tonya Sims

Khan and Gunner have been busy in rally this fall. Both earned their U-R01 title at TDTC in September. Khan received his U-RO2 title at Companion’s trial (Gunner doesn’t think he’s ready to work off-lead yet!). Khan earned his 6th and 7th AKC RAE legs at Enid, his 8th and 9th at TDTC and his 10th at Joplin. His 10th leg was extra special – he honored for a very happy, boisterous Golden who bolted at the start line for the offset figure 8 and the squeaky toys. It’s pretty hard to sit still when someone else is having all the fun in the ring! Khan even managed to hold his sit when the Golden left his handler and ran at Khan with a “come on, let’s play” look in his eye.

Sandy Van De Verg, Khan and Gunner

Murphy CGC, URO1
Murphy earned his United Rally Obedience 1 title on 9/13/09. He achieved this title with TWO perfect 100 scores! I’m so proud of my little rescue Russell!

My name is Nikki Gleason and I’m 8 years old. Brags - NikkiI just started training this past Spring with my friend Sue Smith and her dogs. In Sept I entered my very first trial ever and it was at the first UKC Rally trial in Oklahoma held at TDTC.
It was a little scary, but it was also a lot of fun. In the first trial I got a score of 94, I did not place but I did qualify. I also qualified in the 2nd trial with a score of 87. I went to a dog trial today 10-4-09 at Companion Dog School and I qualified with a score of 92 so we got our 3rd leg and RO1 TITLE. The dogs name is Abby, she is a Border Collie, she is black and white, and she’s very pretty. I’m training another dog, her name is CoCoa; she is a mixed breed that Sue and Gary adopted 4 years ago. CoCoa and I are taking the JR Handler class with Jill Perry on Tuesday’s and soon hope to be showing her at the AKC and UKC trials. When Sue goes to Agility trials with Ali and Abby I sometimes volunteer but some day hope to be doing Agility myself. Thanks to all of you who have given me encouragement at the trials and hope to see you at more…….. This is a picture of me, Abby and Patty Sheehan the judge from today’s trial and MY NEW TITLE RIBBON.

Brags - ZoeMACh-3 Zoe of Forest Meadows got her fourth MACh on Friday, October 23, in Hutchinson, KS! She is eight now but running better than ever. What a joy she has been to me! We have also qualified for our fourth AKC Agility Nationals. Lil’ Sis Ziva is starting to put everything together and we are having great fun. She has a lot to live up to.
Chris Hatchett

Brags - CodyCody “Sierra’s Reckless Cody Bill” received his CD in four attempts, placing with a 2nd and two 3rds in Novice Obedience A. He just recently earned his CGC title thanks to the event sponsored by Tulsa Dog Training Club. He is currently in Vision 200 and plans to continue in obedience with his owner, Ellen Lucas, who is not nearly as smart at Cody!
The pic is Cody playing with his adopted brothers, both Norwich Terriers, Blaze and Shooter

Ellen, Lucas and Cody

Rocko & I participated in our 1st show together! Rally @ TDTC – the 1st UKC Rally show in Oklahoma. I had hoped to get him a ribbon…and somewhere in the back of my mind I really wanted him to get a title. But I tried to carry the thought that if he had a good time – that would be good enough…and “donate” the entry fee for both days. TA-DA…We can no longer call him just “Rocko”. He is now “Sir Rocko” since he has a title for RO1! Altogether not due to my stellar (hahahahah!) handler technique…I was a basket case. (dry mouth, hard to talk…part of that is that I had very little voice because of allergies, knees shaking, legs like Jell-O, got lost & let’s face it the course is not that long). But he was the one! He participated in all 4 trials.
Scoring 84-92-81 (with a 4th place on the 3rd trial)…and on the 4th trial he got an 86. Part of the pride is that he is a rescue (I know we all have them). But seeing him handle the stress of the show atmosphere and happily respond to everyone that was congratulating him,etc… it was wonderful ! I was in tears a lot of the time after getting out of the ring – because I was so glad to be able to have worked with him as a team on this. Once I get off this cloud…I may be a real person again! Thanks to everyone for their support & training assistance to make this possible for my 9 1/4 year old boy.
Ann Morrison and Rocko

Green Cards
Green cards, which are due by the end of the year, may be turned in now. They can be dropped into the single lock box on the leads and collars shelf.
Scott Malone

A new roster has been printed and hard copies are available in the leads and collars room. If you would like an e-mailed copy please let me know. Please don’t forget I’ll be sending notices for Dues for the year 2010 after the 1st of December. Yes, folks it is getting that time of year when everyone has their hand out, I am no different.
Sondra Beeby
Membership Chairman

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

On September 8th I was forced to say goodbye to my much loved Archie. He was my loving companion for 8 years. Rescued from the B.A.Shelter at the age of 9, he quickly qualified to become a Paw Pal. Until his retirement, two years ago, at the age of 15, he regularly visited about 4 facilities a month. He was deaf and almost blind and until he lost the use of his legs over the Labor Day weekend, he was a happy and loving dog. He is survived by his loving Mom and sisters Mardi & Raney.
Maureen Andrea

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