November 2010


Thank you membership for letting me be your president this last year.

It has been an interesting year for me, learning to know the ins and outs of the working of the TDTC club.

This is a great club and the working membership makes this club what it is. Thank you to all who helped me when I could not be available, however communications should be improved. Since we have telephones and e-mail, this should not be so hard. Your president should be informed of all things pertaining to the club we….” Suggestions should be discussed not just ignored. The board of the TDTC is there to run the business and training end of the club. It should not be up to an individual to make decisions that affects the club as a whole.

Please give your new president all the help you can, because without input and feedback, there cannot be a good working relationship.

Thanks again and good luck with all your training and teaching,

Thank Yous

A wonderful UKC Rally Trial was held at TDTC on September 18th and 19th. We had three first time volunteers and several people who asked to learn different volunteer positions. A big
thank you goes to Barb Caste, Nancy Vest and Diana Pond. For first timers you did an excellent job working at the table and the gate. I think that with Nancy Vest, Diana Pond and Mike Hopkins gate stewarding I have been replaced. Kudos to all three of you for expressing an interest in learning everything you could to help with a rally trial. All volunteers helped with setting up the rally course. This really impressed both of our judges. To all who volunteered and worked the trial – THANK YOU!! You are the ones that make the trial run smoothly, make the trial a pleasure for those competing and display what a working club can do when people devote their time to volunteering.

My willing volunteers were: Mike DeLorey, Sammy Stevens, Jeri Hajek, Ursula Ling, Kathy Woodbury, Gisella Klindera, Mariann Duca, Nancy Vest, Diana Pond, Allison Gardner, Barb Casto, Gwen Grandell, and Mike Hopkins.

Lorrie Russ
Obedience Chief Ring Steward

A “Thank You” from Paula Barras

Hello Maureen & Kenda;

I wanted to drop you a line thanking you both and your wonderful club for three great trials.

It was made even more exciting with Piper working really well, winning all three High in Trials and two High Combined. We came home with 5 first placements and one second.. and our lowest score for the weekend was a 198…. and even getting two 199 1/2… out of Open B… yippee… not to mention gaining 33 OTCH points for the weekend…

Your club does an outstanding job on awards, and the ribbons wrapped are such a nice touch. They last so much longer that way. It was so generous of your club to offer coffee and donuts each morning. Also, having water and cokes available at such a low cost as well.

Your stewards were great, friendly and efficient. Your building is so nice and was so clean, it was a joy to show there. Please tell your members thanks from Piper and I, we had a great time and she now has plenty of toys to play with.

Thanks again for you hospitality.
Sincerely, Paula and border collie Piper

Paula P. Barras Shreveport, LA CH OTCH U-CDX Mystic Charmed One Piper UDX2,
OM3, GN, GO, VER, RE AKC & UKC Obedience & Rally Judge All Levels

UKC September Rally Trials September 16 and 17, 2010

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the following people for the setup and
cleanup for the UKC Rally trails: Mike Delorey, Ray Stevens, Jeri Hajek, Nina Lynn, Gwen Grandell, Kathy Woodbury, Gisella Klindera, Barb Casto, LaVon Ruedy, Allison Gardner, Lorrie Russ, Maureen Kelly, Haley Hahn and Bill Spens.

Dovie Ryan

TDTC held their fall AKC Rally and Obedience trials on October 29th, 30th, and 31st. It was a wonderful trial with excellent judges. At the end of the trial each judge said how impressed they were with TDTC’s building, how well the trial was run, and how the members worked together to make the trial run smoothly.

The volunteers for this trial were Dianne Ree, Charles Ree, Eleanore Beymer, Kathy Gray, Mike DeLorey, Gwen Grandell, Haley Hahn, Ursula Ling, Mike Hopkins, Debee Cox, Dorothy Kennedy, Phil Bruno, Rhonda Clawson, Jeri Hajek, Maureen Kelly, Don Warner, Teresa Ruedy, Margaret Sweatman, Barbara Jeleski, Kelly Carter, Janis Stuckert, Bill Stuckert, Barb Casto, Laura Morris, Mike Buffington, James Barlow and Sue Warner. TDTC success is based upon the members’ willingness to work as a volunteer wherever needed. Without you and your tireless assistance the trials would not run as smoothly as they do.

Lorrie Russ
Chief Obedience Ring Steward

HELP! Puppy Classes

People are needed to help and teach with the pup classes. The goal for 2011 is to have 2 people teaching each class. Right now there is a need for a helper/co-instructor for the Wednesday@ 6 class and the Thursday @ 5:30 class.

New Paw Prints Feature

“Find your Name and Win a Prize.” Hidden amongst this month’s articles is the name of one of TDTC’s members. If you see your name with a star at the beginning and end, eg. *name* you may claim your prize at Leads and Collars. You have until January 1st to claim your prize.

Mark your calendars now! TDTC’s Annual Christmas party will be held at 6pm on Saturday, December 11, 2010. Come and join the fun! The club provides the meat and members bring either a salad, side dish or dessert. Those who wish to can participate in a Dirty Santa gift exchange. More details to follow soon


I am still collecting items for our raffles. If you have items to donate, please leave them in Leads & Collars for me. Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!! Items do not need to be dog related.

Thank you!
Kenda Skaggs


There is a plaque available to memorialize your lost pet at TDTC. The plaque is located on the right wall as you come in through the front door.

Canine Good Citizen Test

There will be one last Canine Good Citizen test for 2010 on November 13. For more information, contact Bruce Nixon.

Volunteers Needed for AKC Agility Trial

I realize it seems early to be talking about our December AKC Agility Trial to be held on December 3, 4, & 5, 2010. However, our Fall classes will be over 2 weeks prior to the trial, so I’m asking that you please sign up early on the Volunteer Signup sheets to help while you are still in classes.

This trial, as do all AKC trials, requires many, many volunteers to be able to have these trials. I will have the signup sheets at the club on the table nearest the front door, along with some handouts describing AKC Agility Volunteer Job Descriptions for your taking on or around Monday, October 18, so please look for them.

This trial will be at the Tulsa Fairgrounds in the Super Duty Arena. You can see which building this is by going to , then to Facilities, then to Grounds Map. I will have a copy of the Grounds Map with the signup sheets, and I will also email the map to all volunteers.

We have been in this building several times. It is on the East side of the N/S street that runs through the Fairgrounds at the light, and it has a lot of windows that face South toward 21st St.

Please help your Club by volunteering at this event even if you are not in the trial and if you are not familiar with agility. Someone will be available to show you what to do prior to *Ed Hardesty* the beginning of the trial each day. Also, when you volunteer, remember to have your green cards signed.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Dear TDTC Friends,

I can hardly believe that I left Tulsa and TDTC one year ago. Things are going well here and have started to make some friends and places to train my dogs but I still miss TDTC very much.
As we all have said so many times TDTC members do not appreciate what you have in Tulsa. There are no clubs in Washington that have a facility any where like our building nor the prices you pay for classes.

Some of you know that I came back to Tulsa in early February and picked up a new roommate for Savana. Of course she is a black Standard poodle and she came from the same kennel that Molly and Savana came from. Her name is Bunkers Skye’s the Limit and I call her Skye when she is good and other names when she is a devil. Larry, she has the same name at times at your Beemer. She is now 10 months old and is quite a handful. I don’t know whether it is my age or I just got one that is extra wild. Jack, I got one that can jump as high as Shadow and can run zoomies around the ring too.

I couldn’t find any one that did basic obedience like we have so I’m am trying clicker/treat method. I thought it would be a good time to really try this method and yes, it works and works well. (This is the only thing I did with her.) The instructor starts off with teaching lots of tricks then working into obedience. Skye can sit up ( I never thought a poodle could do it), crawl, spin, touch, finish both directions, roll over, say her prayers, beginning to ride the skate board, unroll a rug, push a ball, down, sit, front, heel, stays, come, jump, go to a spot and touch, shy dog, foot raises and best of all take the dumbbell. Oh, yah, we are doing some rally too. The problem I have now is she wants to chew the leash when I put it on her as she hasn’t had a leash on very much. I drive 25 miles to this privately owned building that is new but no heat, air or potty.

The instructor is big into free style. I pay $100 for 6 classes but only 3 in the class. I have taught Savana most of these things too.

I am doing agility training 20 miles away two nights a week in a dirt floor horse barn with no heat, air, water and just a porta potty. (Remember the old days at the fair grounds.) I pay $100 for 6 classes. This is the SunDogsAgility Club. The instructors are great and I have learned a lot and the class size is only 3 to 6 dogs. Marillyn, you should see the Mach4 ShiTzu’s run in agility. Both Skye and Savana are in classes at the horse barn.
Savana just competed in our first out door agility trial here in Washington last weekend. Yakima Kennel Club was the host and they had 200 dogs. It was limited because it gets dark here by 4:30 now. She did well and finished her Open P and Open SP titles with 2 first places and one Excellent Standard Leg. It was cold, raining, sunny, and gusty. Savana and I almost got hit twice with a blowing away canopy. Everyone here either has a canopy tent with sides or a motor home and we have neither. Everything is outside in Washington. Savana didn’t like the water that flew in the air coming out of the chute but liked the cool weather even if I had to run in a cat.

Mike finally retired the middle of June after our home sold. He is kept busy being the nanny for our son Tom’s boys that are 9 and 12. Since the parents go to work early he gets them up, fixes breakfast, puts in a load of laundry, then I come and take one, one way to middle school and an hour later he takes the younger one a different direction to school. Then at 2 and at 3:35 he goes and gets them and takes them home, to some kinds a ball practice or music lessons and starts dinner for them. He never did that much for our kids when they were little….. working all the time. I am adjusting to him being at home more and as many of you women know…. Twice as much husband and half as much money. I’ve had a busy summer judging from California, to Canada, to Colorado, to North Carolina and to Washington.

Again, I miss all of you and am looking forward to seeing you in January as you have invited me to judge the TAC obedience trial. Cathy, Savana misses you mucho and her golden friends. She stills looks for you when I say, “where’s Cathy”. Congrats on the 200. Wish I’d seen it. Our door is always open to all of you so plan a trip to the lovely northwest.

Sincerely with our love for our dogs
Jill and Savana, and Skye



Lynda Portiss and Khaki

“Khaki”—Ch. Riverside All Dressed Up UDX RA AX OAJ MXP MJP OFP
Khaki has been ranked by Front and Finish Obedience Magazine for the 2009 First and
Foremost Rating System as No. 4 in Pembroke Welsh Corgis. We are so very proud of our
boy!! He’s always been a joy to own, train, and love.

Kathy Woodbury and Havoc

KathyWoodbury and Kayos (GSD) earned UKC level 2 and 3 rally titles.
KathyWoodbury and Havoc (GSD) earned UKC level 1 rally title.
KathyWoodbury and Havoc earned one Open leg and two Graduate Novice legs. As always
Havoc was very colorful as he talked his way through the exercises! We had a great time and the judges were very nice.

Kris Hatchett and Zoe

Zoe has done so much more than I ever expected seven years ago! I just wanted to run with the “big dogs”….the Excellent B class….and she just wanted to run with me. This past weekend, in Carthage, MO, we ran for our SIXTH MACH, with 158 points for this weekend alone, two first places in Std, two seconds in Jww, and another third in Std. She turned nine last August and has never run better than she is right now, although she gets tired after the weekend, just like me.
She is truly my “soul dog” and responds to every command automatically, without needing to think or feel, just trusting me to guide her. We will keep running until she says she’s too tired and needs to rest, although that might be me saying that instead of her!

Stacy Kennedy and Patch

I entered my black & white girl “Patch” that I bred & co-own, in our October trials. Some of you have seen her at the club on occasion. I’ve been training her basically once a week for what seems like forever, because she lives in Owasso with another family. Between that and the fact that I hadn’t competed for so long, I thought of my goal as a bit of an experiment. I’m thrilled to report that she not only earned her CD over the weekend, but she actually took 1st place in NoviceB all three trials! Her scores of 197, 196 & 191 & 1/2 were a very pleasant surprise, to say the least!
She’s now CH Cimarron’s Split Decision CD, and has earned a Register of Honor (ROH) from our national breed club. I hope to have some Patch puppies soon, and be back in the ring some more. I’m super proud of my little girl!

Thanks for letting me share,
Stacy Kennedy

Kenda Skaggs and Max

On September 18, Max and I earned his 10th and final leg to his UDX. We traveled to Gray
Summit, Missouri, to Purina Farms. I was hopeful that we would earn his final leg because I was having shoulder surgery one week later and I didn’t know when I would be able to train him again. Since Max is my first trained dog, earning his UDX was especially exciting for me. We began working on his UDX just under one year ago. Not bad for my Novice A dog!

This month’s profile features Sue Schockley. Sue currently serves the club as advanced
enrollment chairman and teaches beginning obedience.

How did you get started in training dogs?
I started training at age 19 while working for a vet and I met a client, Kathy Watson, who had remarkably trained dogs. She inspired me to do obedience.

What kind of dogs do you have?
Currently, I have a miniature poodle, Phoebe and a miniature Pinscher, Zula.

Do you perceive a difference in training the different breeds you have owned?
YES! My poodles have been easier to train.

What venues do you show your dogs in?
I have shown my dogs in AKC and UKC obedience.

What has been your proudest moment in your dog career?
The proudest or really the most fulfilling time was getting a CDX on my standard poodle, Exie.

Do you have any advice for new handlers?
Be patient, have fun and HAVE FUN!!!!

Wacky Mixed Breeds

1.What do you get when you cross a Bloodhound with a Labrador? A Blabador, a dog who barks a lot.

2. A Smooth Fox Terrier with a Chow? A Smooch, a dog who loves to kiss.

3. A Collie with a Lhasa Apso? A Collapso, a dog who folds up for easy transport and also enjoys Caribbean music.

4. A Boxer with a German Shorthair? A Boxer Shorts, a dog never seen in public.

5. A Bull Terrier with a Shih Tzu? Ah, never mind!

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