September 2011

From the President

The most significant event in terms of size and support staff that has occurred during the last two months was our support to (Tulsa Agility Club) TAC’s UKC Agility Trial held in our building on August 6th – 7th. I want to personally thank the many volunteers that supported that event for all or any of the two days. Congratulations to any of our member participants, who earned a leg, finished a new title or earned a placement.

Your TDTC Board of Directors would like to announce that Mike Delorey has been appointed to fill out the 2011 term as your Director of Training. Our thanks go to Mike for accepting this appointment as well as retaining his current position as Public Education Committee Chair.

The summer session is now complete with the graduation ceremony held on Friday August 26, 2011. Beginner graduations have traditionally been held with beginner Top Dog competitions and demonstrations of upper class level exercises at the Open, Utility and Agility levels. I want to thank all of the participants who conduct these ceremonies and demonstrations. It was gratifying to see some new faces doing these demos. A special thanks to the hard working committee that spends so much time making the graduation hats behind the scenes (Glenda Poulos, Nina Lynn, Eleanore Beymer, Jewell Drinkwater, Jennifer Simms and Beth Ann Jensen) I hope I haven’t missed anyone.

It is with great regret that we had to say goodbye to a long time member, Steve Malone.
Steve passed away on July 9th 2011. He is missed by all of us at TDTC and his memorial service was well attended and was an uplifting celebration of his life.

Following Steve’s death the club had to make new arrangements for the cleaning of our
TDTC building for which he had been responsible. The cleaning part of the maintenance is now being done by a team consisting of Tracy Hendrickson and Laura Morris. They have been doing an excellent job and have expanded the cleaning to cover many new tasks which have not been regularly covered in the past. In order to facilitate the cleaning please note that the Club should be considered closed for cleaning during the hours of Wednesdays 12:00 – 3:00 PM and Sundays 3:00 – 6:00 PM. I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause to individual members personal training schedules, but it is necessary to provide a suitably clean facility to all our membership.

Jerry Mabry

Thank Yous

UKC August 6 & 7, 2011 Agility Trials

I would like to express my thanks to the following people for helping me at the scoring table: Bill Spens and Mariann Duca. Without each of you I could not have done my job. Thanks again.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the following people for the setup and cleanup for the UKC Agility trails: Jack Kennett; Cassie Sherrod, Norman & Betty Haws, Nina Lynn, Bill Spens, Gisella Klindera, Patty Emmons, Susan Barnes, Gwen Grandell, Mike DeLorey, John & Linda Maxwell, Valerie Wood, Jane Tyson, Bill Mauerman, Maureen Kelly, Haley Hahn, and Laura Morris.

Each of you make my job easier and your continued support of TAC is what makes these efforts worthwhile. Thanks again.


Thank you to everyone who helped with the Paula Barras Seminar. About 20 people participated in the seminar July 16th and 17th. Not only did we learn a lot, we had a good time doing it. Paula is a great motivator and she clearly *Gisella Klindera* loved helping us learn along with our dogs.

Sandy Van De Verg
Seminar Coordinator Assistant

New AKC Therapy Dog (THD) title

The AKC is now awarding a title for Therapy dogs. PawPals has recently been added to the AKC’s approved organizations list.

For more info go to: Some well earned recognition for the many hours that you give back to the community.

Mike DeLorey
Public Education


Find Your Name

Hidden amongst this month’s articles is the name of one of TDTC’s members. If you see your name with a star at the beginning and end, *name* please email the newsletter editor at You have until Oct. 1st to claim your prize.

More Chances to Win Prizes

Do you hang out on Facebook? Visit the TDTC page and “like” the page – some lucky fan will win a prize. TDTC’s face book page has finally gotten over 200 likes. Cliff Paulick has won the drawing and can pick up his prize from leads and collars. Another drawing will be done when we hit 400 likes.

Volunteer Opportunities

The following Public Education events for TDTC you can help with:

  • Sept. 17th:Responsible Dog Ownership Day at the Glenpool Municipal Building (Hwy 75 & 121st St. south). Set up will be from 7 to 9am. The event is from 9 to 5:30pm. TDTC will have an info booth, obedience, agility and Rally demos.We will also be doing accompanied “run thrus” for Rally and the agility so folks can get a small feel for what is involved.
  • October 15th (note change of date from Oct. 22nd) Humane Society Paws in the Park. Jenks Riverwalk. From 9 to 12 noon. We will have the info booth and be doing demos.

Mike DeLorey
Public Education Chair

From the Training Director:

We tell our students in orientation to make sure their dogs are on lead when entering the building. We also tell them to make sure and “pick up” after their dogs when out in the exercise yards.

I have observed members letting their dogs out into the exercise yards unsupervised and letting them back in the building off lead. This needs to stop. This isn’t a “Do as I say, not as I do” policy.

Paw Pals at Carnegie

Does your Paw Pals dog love kids and bedtime stories? We are now organizing our twice-a-month visits to Carnegie Elementary School and it looks like we will have space for a few more dogs that enjoy children. Each student selected by the school to participate in the “Dog Days” program gets to come to the library and read a book to one of our dogs and its handler. The students practice their reading-out-loud skills and learn how to safely interact with dogs. The dogs get attention, petting and treats. A win-win for everyone involved!

Our visits will start in October. If you are available on the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of each month from 1pm to 2pm, or would just like to sub as needed please contact Jennifer Simms


Quincy Lawson

Quincy passed Beginners class this past session, and also acquired his CGC degree on August 27th. Way to go “Lakewood’s He’s A Bobby Dazzler”

Moira Lawson

Kanali Hajek

Kudos to Kanali! She finished her UACH at Companion’s UKC Agility trial in July and went on to earn three AGIII legs at our TDTC trial this month, with scores of 199, and two 200’s!

Jeri Hajek

Vacations…gone to the dogs!

Do you have a favorite vacation destination that allows you to bring your 4-legged family members along? Submit them to Paw Prints – you may help plan someone’s next vacation!

My 18-year old daughter and I decided to take a girls only driving trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico to escape the Tulsa heat. One of our rules with driving trips is that our three Golden Retrievers must be able to come along. We decided on the Inn of the Turquoise Bear, a bed and breakfast. Normally I don’t stay at bed and breakfasts with dogs, but the Inn has four dog-friendly rooms, each away from the main house, with thick adobe walls. The owner voiced no concerns over my having three Goldens. In fact, he seemed genuinely happy to book the room for us. Upon arrival, I kept the dogs close to me, not wanting to disturb the owner or any of the guests. The owner told me that the dogs were on vacation, too, and to let them off their leashes, to roam the property. For our entire four-night stay, the dogs were allowed to roam, play with the owner’s dogs and swim in the fountain. The owner even offered to let our dogs out for us during the day if we wouldn’t be back in time. Our room was very nice and unlike most “dog friendly” rooms. Each day breakfast is served in the morning and wine and cheese in the afternoon. The Inn of the Turquoise Bear is genuinely a dog-friendly/people friendly bed and breakfast.
342 East Buena Vista Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505-2623
(505) 983-0798 – Robert

Thanks to Kenda Skaggs, for sharing her “doggy” vacation destination.

TDTC Building Closures

Tracy Hendrickson and Laura Morris are now responsible for the cleaning aspect of TDTC’s building maintenance. In order to facilitate the cleaning please note that the Club should be considered closed for cleaning during the hours of Wednesdays 12:00 – 3:00 PM and Sundays 3:00 – 6:00 PM. Thanks, Laura and Tracy for keeping our building spic and span!

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