November 2011

From the President

This input to the newsletter will be my last as your President for 2011. The TDTC Board of Directors has fulfilled its responsibility to select a Nominating Committee for the 2012 club business year. That committee includes the following members: Mike Delorey, Scott Malone, Don Warner, Larry Scott & Mariann Duca. Thanks to all of them for volunteering for this very important Committee. Thanks also to all of you members who have filled out a nominating form applying for consideration for a position on the Board or for a standing committee chair position for 2012. Per our Club Articles of Incorporation (By-Laws) the Nominating Committee will choose a nominee for all of the officers and board member positions to form a slate to present to the general membership for consideration at the Annual Meeting in November. Additional nominations can be made from the floor at that meeting.

Following the November Board elections the new 2012 Board will meet in December to select the Chairpersons for the standing committees to serve during 2012. I have requested that the nominations box remain out at the club next to the telephone near Leads and Collars. Please consider volunteering to fill a committee position if you have an interest in helping the club in one of these important positions. Ask any current Board Member for information on a position if you need additional information.

We have not had a show at TDTC since the last newsletter, but we have been active. In September we supported “Responsible Dog Day” at Glenpool. In October we held a “Puppy Open House” at TDTC and supported “Paws in the Park” at the Riverwalk. Thanks to everyone who helped with those events. We are looking forward to our upcoming AKC Rally and Obedience shows this next weekend October 28th 29th and 30th.

I want to again express my appreciation to our new TDTC cleaning crew Laura Morris and Tracy Hendrickson. I don’t believe I have ever seen our building looking better in my years at TDTC.

We have also recently had our long term plumbing problems addressed and if anything else comes up please let me know. With regard to other maintenance issues we will soon be replacing two of our heating units. They are on order and we hope that they will come in before we really need them.

In closing, I am sorry to have to report that we have experienced some minor thievery in the building. It is unfortunate that we can’t always trust that these things will not happen, but as with any organization that serves as many of the general public as we do we should always be vigilant not to encourage this activity. You ladies that come to classes or to just work your dogs should be careful to not leave your personal belongings or purses on the tables outside of the rings unattended. They may be safer locked in your cars.

Jerry Mabry, President

Thank Yous

Puppy Open House

Did you ever wonder what would happen I you threw a “party” and no one came? Well, I hope those that helped with and attended the Puppy Open House the afternoon of October 8th, were not disappointed. Everyone was excited to help and the puppies and dogs that attended seemed to enjoy the opportunity to socialize.

We offered demos on Basic Obedience, Rally & Confidence Building. We also had numerous booths showcasing 1st Aid, Basic Vet Visits & Grooming, Spay & Neuter Information, CGC & STAR Puppy Class options, Interactive Toys & Enrichment. We also offered an opportunity for owners to address Problem/Behavioral Issues. We invited those that wanted to, supervised opportunities to try their hand at the Rally & Confidence building courses. Leads & Collars was open to supply treats for “sampling” and offer information and fittings for accessories for training.

At the check-in table there were snacks, door prizes, information on classes and information on options for additional participation opportunities available at TDTC, such as Paw Pals and other volunteer opportunities. We also posted a “Class Progression” list for everyone to view – sometimes you know where you want to go but not how to get there. We had about 15 register in attendance (most brought their puppies). Michelle Simmons won the class give away. Her pup is a little over the age for puppy class, so Training Director, Mike DeLorey, approved her to go into beginners class instead.

Huge thanks to all who helped: from moving agility equipment, to event set-up and breakdown, supplying food and door prizes, manning the food/check-in/door prize tables, demos and information tables as well as just mingling with our guests to answer questions. I think I have all of you listed, but if I omitted anyone, I apologize and will get you in the next publication: Dovie Ryan, Maureen Kelley, Gisella Klindera, Mike DeLorey, Doug Jackson, Beth Harshfield, Debra Hnath, Jeri Hajeck (and her mom), Rhonda Paxton, Pam Hubbard, Jessica Guthrie, Val Wood, Teresa Ruedy, Sue Shockley, Barb Casto, Scott Malone, Pam Scott, Laura Morris, Eleanor Beymer and Mike Hopkins. If you got out without getting your voucher signed, please contact me and I will be happy to take care of that!

Ann Morrison

From the Public Education Chair

A big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who came out to assist at the Responsible Dog Ownership Day in Glenpool and Paws in the Park at the Jenks Riverwalk.
The next large event will be the 2012 Tulsa Women’s Expo in February. More info at a later date.

Mike DeLorey
Public Education Chair

October Rally and Obedience Trials

Our October shows have come and gone, it was a fun weekend with lots of friends, good food and lot’s of titles for many. Thank you all for coming and making TDTC’s trials a success. The judges were all very impressed with our building and our hospitality.

I would like to personally thank the following people. For morning set up we had, Barb Casto (Barb was the Novice A trophy hog, LOL), Dovie Ryan, Kathy Gray, Jack Kennett, Ruth Parker, Gwen Grandell, Gisella Klindera, Tracy Hendrickson, and Bill Spens. If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me and be sure to get your cards and tuition forms signed.

Thank you Jeri Hajek for yet another wonderful hospitality job, you did great. Thanks go Lorrie Russ for her great job of Chief Ring Steward, you did a wonderful job and we even had several brand new ring stewards who had never done the job before and they did great.

Thanks to the cleanup crew after the show, Gwen Grandell, Dovie Ryan, Cathy Hall, Haley Hahn, Don Warner, Sue Warner, Gisella Klindera, Barb Casto, Pat Kinser, Jeri Hajek, Lorrie Russ, Kathy Gray, Maureen Kelly, Laura Morris, Tracy Hendrickson. Special thanks to Tracy and Laura for the immaculate condition of the building. Thanks to Jerry and Judy Mabry for taking over the judge’s hospitality, it can be a hard job sometimes and they do a wonderful job.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Gwen Grandell for working with me as Trial Secretary; she is so organized and makes my job so much easier. And to Dovie Ryan, who has taken so much of her time to train me in this job, I send a huge thank you. Without Dovie in our club, none of this would be as smooth as it is.

Congratulations to all who gained new titles!!!!
Sally Poindexter
Obedience Trial Chairman

October 22, 2011 Show-N-Go

The Show-N-Go held October 22 was a rousing success thanks to the following people: Dovie Ryan, Kenda Skaggs, Ursula Ling, Michael Kemp, Mike DeLorey, Gisella Klindera, Larry Scott and Sandy Van De Verg. (If I missed anyone, thank you!)

A total of 45 dogs ran in Utility, Open, Novice and Rally for a grand total of $267.00. I appreciate all of your help, since it couldn’t have happened without you!

Pam Scott
Ways and Means Chairperson

TAC UKC Agility Trial, August 6-7, 2011

I will admit right up front that I missed the Paw Prints deadline for the last issue, which was to be a big “THANK YOU” for the volunteers that made the UKC trials a successful event for all.

To make the trial successful it takes approximately 10 to 12 volunteers for each class, and then various heights within a class, it requires 75 to 80 ring volunteers during the day’s events, and then you have that requirement for each day of the event. This does not cover all the other volunteer duties that are required in the preparation, running of the event, and close out and final reporting that is required for each trial.

Many of you stepped up and worked several classes and heights, even when you were running in a class you stepped in as required to keep this event moving along smoothly. There were several of the volunteers that do not participate in Agility events, but they stepped up and volunteered for this agility event. A special thanks to those of you who fall into this group of volunteers for this event.

Again, thanks to the members who run large dogs volunteering for the smaller dog runs and then thanks to the smaller dog owners who worked the rings for the larger dogs runs. It takes this type of cooperation between dog owners/handlers to keep these events running smoothly and continuous during the day.

I should list each of your names for individual thanks, but I know that some of you worked and did not get signed up on my work sheets, and them some of you only filled in for a few runs in a certain height, so this thanks is to be considered a “BIG THANKS” to all of you who worked as a ring volunteer for these trails.

I also want to include the “BIG THANKS” to all of you who worked in the other various positions or jobs that are required to have a successful UKC Agility Trial.

Also the “BIG THANKS” go to all of you dog owners/handlers that participated in this trial as if it were not for you; we would not have a trial.

Thanks again to all.
John Maxwell
Chief Agility Ring Steward


Find Your Name

Hidden amongst this month’s articles is the name of one of TDTC’s members. If you see your name with a star at the beginning and end, *name* please email the newsletter editor at You have until Jan 1st to claim your prize.

From the Nominating Committee

TDTC’s 2012 Nominating Committee (Mike DeLorey-Chair, Larry Scott, Scott Malone, Don Warner and Mariann Duca) met in October and will present the following slate of candidates for 2012 at the November meeting:

President – Jerry Mabry
1st Vice President – Larry Scott
2nd Vice President – Kenda Skaggs
Recording Secretary – Gisella Klindera
Corresponding Secretary – Pat Kinser
Treasurer – Dovie Ryan
Member at Large – Todd Johnson
Director of Training – Mike DeLorey
Director of Agility – Bill Spens
Director of Publicity – Sue Shockley
Director of Obedience Trials – Sally Poindexter
Director of Agility Trials – Charles Ree
Immediate Past President – Ursula Ling

From the Training Director

If anyone has ever thought about becoming an instructor one way to see if you would like to instruct is to become an assistant in a class. If you are interested please let me know. We will schedule with an instructor to assist.

If you have thought about being a Puppy instructor you need at least 1 leg towards a CD title. For the Beginners level you need to have earned a CD on your dog.

Mike DeLorey
Training Director



We want to keep things running smoothly so everyone enjoys this trial. To do this, we are welcoming help from all TDTC Members and exhibitors. We appreciate any help, experienced or not (training will be provided.)

Experienced timers, course builders, and ring staff, please lend us your expertise. We will make sure that your duties do not interfere with running your dog.

To volunteer to help, please fill in the positions you will be able to work at the trial please sign up on the attached volunteer sheets.

Volunteers are also needed for help on Thursday 12/01/11 for loading equipment at the TDTC Bldg to the truck and unloading at the arena. Sunday 12/04/2011, loading the truck for transport back to the TDTC Bldg, and then unloading and cleaning the equipment.


TDTC Agility Trial Secretary
Dovie Ryan
TDTC Chief Ring Steward – John Maxwell


Chris Hatchett

From the first minute I saw her, I knew she was special. It was one week after 9/11 and I was really missing my sheltie of 17 years who had died 9 months earlier. Little did I know what a journey we would have together! From the time she came to our house, at 6 weeks old, we had that bond that only happens once in a lifetime, if you are lucky.

This past weekend in Hutchinson KS, Zoe not only earned her MACH 8 but did so with a quadruple Q (Std, Jww, FAST and T2B) on Saturday. This was her last weekend to jump at 16″ since she turned 10 years old in August. I want to make sure she gets to enjoy the 12″ Preferred class for a couple of years. She has certainly earned it.

In AKC, Zoe has many titles: Master Agility Champion 8, CD, RA, MXF, TQX, but the road getting there was really incredible: 202 MX, 244 MXJ, 160 Double Q’s, 45 ExB FAST, 30 Triple Q’s, 5 T2B and 6063 MACH Points! She has also qualified and participated in five AKC National Championships, ranking as high as 32 in her class. She qualified early in 2011 for 2012 but I think we will skip this one and maybe look at participating in the preferred class in 2013 here in Tulsa. I’m sure she will give me her all whenever I ask.

Zoe has many titles in other venues, a UGRACH 5 in UKC, along with the Invitational Championship in Aglll and a UCD. She is one run away from a NATCH, Versatility-NATCH in NADAC, and has participated in USDAA. But, by far, she excels in AKC. MACH 8 Zoe of Forest Meadows is my “once in a lifetime” Best Friend Forever!

Ann Morrison

Draven earned her 1st AKC Rally Novice B qualifying ribbon at the last show with an 84! She might have had two … but her mom just missed a sign … and let her down. However, she was happiest just seeing everyone and cruising for treats! We will try again next year to get the title and then she can retire becoming the princess of the house again! Thanks to Haley and Pam, who were her “holders” while I walked the courses.

Randy and Robin Scott

Abby earned her UKC UAGI title in Norman over the weekend.

Gisella Klindera

Thor’s Bolt of Lightning, trained, fed, and loved by Gisella Klindera, earned his CD during the three trials at TDTC on October 29 & 30.

Carol and Michael Minden

Our youngest bernese mountain dog, Merlot, is now Champion Smokehouse Pop the Cork, CD, RA. He’s well on his way to learning agility and for a big dog, he’s doing great. Our Champion Smokehouse Chocolate Souffle (his aunt) just earned her Novice Agility Preferred title at the Sooner State Kennel Club’s agility trial and was moved up to open where she ran a clean run earning first place in open agility preferred. Go Cocoa!!!

Champion Smokehouse Pop the Cork, CD RA (Merlot) earned his Rally Excellent title at this club’s rally trials on October 28th. He’s earned 4 titles in 2011 along. Such a great accomplishment on a young dog. We’re so proud of him. Now, on to agility!!!

Sandy Van De Verg

I am very proud to report that Gunner earned his CD title in 4 trials (first leg in Enid and he finished up the second and third leg at our own trials in October). Khan finished his open Jumpers title at Enid and will make the big move to Excellent in December at our agility trials, being shown by Phil Van De Verg.

Mike DeLorey

Haely (Ganderhill’s Brewed To Perfection RN) earned her Companion Dog title at our Fall trial. She had 1 previous leg(186). She had a 191.5 (2nd place), a 192 (4th place) and an insurance leg of 191 (4th place).

Dog Show Terminology — An Abbreviated Guide for the Uninitiated

Baiting – Nope, even though we bait those hooks a lot in Oklahoma from the decks of our bass boats, this term doesn’t have anything to do with fishing!! Can you believe it?! At a dog show, this term refers to using an item of food or toy to gain the dog’s attention. Hmmm…. Maybe there’s a use for that stinky ole catfish bait after all…

Catalogue – Yes, it’s that time of the year when our mailboxes are beginning to be stuffed with a plethora of companies’ catalogues all exhorting us to buy early – and I know that gloves with rubber tips for using your iPhone out in the cold is on all your lists. But, wait! A dog show catalogue doesn’t have any merchandise for sale – another can you believe it. I can’t – AKC is clearly missing the boat here. Anyway, a dog show catalogue lists the dog’s entry number, registered name and number, breeder, owner, sire, dam and date of birth. Sorry, guys, you will not find some outrageously priced piece of merchandise to send to that relative you never see (and the one who never acknowledges your gift) in this catalogue. More’s the pity! Come on, AKC, get with it!

Groom – To bathe, dry, comb, and clip a dog to best exhibit his virtues. Or possibly to hide those faults? Or, in obedience – maybe the judge won’t notice that my dog has just blown every exercise if he looks super? I don’t know about you, but that works for me! Those members of the PGMA, an offshoot of TDTC will be happy to tell you all about grooming! What, you say you’ve never heard of PGMA – well, just where have you been all these years? Obviously, not hanging out enough on Facebook!

Obedience – A competitive performance event in which the dog and handler are judged on their ability to perform a pre-determined set of exercises that display the dog’s ability to adhere to certain commands – OR NOT. Also, frequently referred to by human participants as the DISobedience exercises. Yes, my dog retrieves the dumb bell on the flat quite well –
at home or while training, that is. Hear there is a movement among certain handlers to petition the AKC to allow participants to submit videos of their *Ellen Lucas* dogs performing aforesaid predetermined exercises – well, why not – we do a lot of other things (and way more important things) virtually, why not obedience trials? Oh, wait – I forgot – obedience trials are a way to keep us all humble – why else would you pay big bucks, travel hundreds of miles, eat food your doctor would faint at, only to have your perfectly trained dog make you look like an idiot? Humility – that’s it – otherwise we’d all have egos the size of New York City.

Armband – A number printed on a piece of paper than an exhibitor wears to indicate the entered dog’s reference number in the judge’s book and catalogue. Getting the armband on and getting it to STAY on is actually the first test of a handler’s readiness to show. The neophyte handler can often be spotted a trial – he’s the person that has brought his own supply of 200 rubber bands so he won’t look stupid returning to the steward’s table to ask for yet ANOTHER rubber band; he struggles mightily to place the armband under the rubber band before it manages to drop to the floor only to find out that he is asked to take it off IN THE RING and place it behind his dog for the sits and downs. Handlers in the know are savvy enough to use the clip on their leash to make the armband stand up, the rest of us fiddle around with the armband wondering how the heck you are supposed to make a flat piece of paper stand up. Clearly, there is a whole lot of information that should be added to a club’s training curriculum.

Finish – A finish is a transitional movement the dog makes between the completion of a recall and the return to the heel position. Please note the operative words in this explanation are “return to heel position.” Theoretically, the dog comes front and unhesitatingly returns by means of the “around” or “swing” movement to the handler’s left side. Frequently, though, a dog has been known to surf the steward’s table for treats, or visit that sexy bitch/dog lounging ringside while completing the finish. And, no, bitch is not a naughty word. Get used to it. Read on for an explanation of these terms.

Bitch – A female dog. Yes, really. A word that your 10 year old son can be guaranteed to trot out for the edification of your Great Aunt Maud at Thanksgiving dinner. When chastised, he will innocently look you right in the eye and explain that he only repeated the word 10 times because Aunty Maud had her hearing aid turned off.

Dog – Used specifically, a term to describe a male canine. Generally, a term used to describe the canine species. You will NEVER hear your 10 year old son repeat the word “Dog” 10 times. It’s just not the same as “Bitch.” And finally, have you ever noticed that show dogs aren’t like pets? Pets shed, show dogs “blow coat.” Pets trot, show dogs “gait.” Pets stand, show dogs “stack.” Pets jump the fence, show dogs “have natural jumping ability.” Pets chase cats, show dogs “show instinctive prey drive.”

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