January 2014

From the President

Well, fellow members, it seems like a long time since we last had a class at TDTC, but our Winter Classes start Monday 1/6/2014. We will be off to a fast start with the Tulsa Agility Club (TAC) obedience and rally trials on the 10th, 11th & 12th of January. New handlers now in Beginners or Novice classes should take the time to drop by the Club during these trials to learn a bit about showing their dogs. I am going to keep this short, but I do look forward to seeing you around the club and I hope that you enjoy your experiences with us during 2014.

Jerry Mabry

In Memoriam

Larry Simpson
April 10, 1954 – October 20, 2013

Larry was a long time member at TDTC. Known throughout the “Dog Community,” he helped many of us over the years with our 4-legged companions. He will be greatly missed by his fellow handlers, “Team Larry” at K-9 Manners & More and by all …. those with 2 legs and 4. Good bye, Larry.

3 May – 30 November 2013

UCD Christina, a gorgeous shaded sable and white English Shepherd, who spent many happy hours training with her owner, Leslie Johnson, at TDTC from 2002 until 2008, died on 30 November 2013 in Topeka, KS, of hemangiosarcoma, a very aggressive cancer. At 11 1⁄2 years old, she was in the prime of life for her breed.

Christina adored her classes and instructors—Dovie Ryan, Larry Simpson, Sarah Jednacz, Maureen Kelly, Jill Perry—at TDTC, as well as her classmates and their owners. She couldn’t wait to enter the building. She wanted to go to dog school every day of the week.
Christina earned her UCD and CGC while training at TDTC. She earned two legs toward her UCD-X but failed to clear the broad jump in her last three trials for her third leg, because of her hip dysplasia. She was an active PawPals Therapy and READ dog for several years, as was her best dog-friend, Ch. Bordertown Buzz, owned also by Leslie and bred by Mary Green.

When she moved to Kansas in 2008 with Leslie, she became certified as a Delta Society (now Pet Partners) therapy dog and an Intermountain Therapy Animals R.E.A.D. dog. She was a member of Prarieland Visiting Animals Association in Topeka. As such, her duties in Topeka included visiting patients at Stormont Vail Cancer Center and Colmery-O’Neill VA Hospital and helping kids learn to read at the Topeka/Shawnee County Library and at two elementary schools. She visited patients at Lawrence (KS) Memorial Hospital and helped undergrads at The University of Kansas de-stress during finals week. She was a joy to take anywhere. She was comfortable in any setting, totally reliable, virtually bomb- proof. She loved wearing her therapy dog vest and doing her job comforting patients and school kids. She was a remarkable representative of her breed and all good dogs everywhere.

Thanks to TDTC for being such a huge and happy part of the life of this most wonderful dog.



MACH-8 PACH-3 UGRACH-6 NATCH Versatility NATCH Zoe of Forest Meadows CD RE UCD URO3

MACH-8 PACH-3 UGRACH-6 NATCH Versatility NATCH Zoe of Forest Meadows CD RE UCD URO3 has officially retired at the age of 12-1/2. Zoe has more than a hundred titles (way too many for me to go back and count!) in four different venues of performance. We started that journey in 2002 when she was five months old, in Johnny Hart’s puppy class. Zoe wouldn’t do “pass the puppy” but she sure excelled at the puppy agility obstacles! She went into obedience with Debra Hnath, then Novice I and II and headlong into training in agility! Bob Fewell was really patient with ME since it seemed that Zoe had a natural instinct for performing on agility obstacles. We went from beginner to advanced with no need for intermediate since Zoe had out- performed all the intermediate dogs on test day. She taught me how to run her and we were off to the races! She has been my best friend during all that time, never letting me down for a single minute (although I’m sure I let her down many times). What a race it has been! We will attend trials occasionally here at home but she is pretty much finished going on the road unless it’s where she can be at home in her own bed that night. She has earned that privilege. And the right to long walks where she can sniff to her heart’s content and come back home for a long nap and bunches of treats for no reason except for being herself. She still runs like the wind and I know she loves it but the days of competition and long road trips are over. I will miss her dearly each and every time I leave her home but I truly know in my heart it is for the best. And that is what she deserves…the best of everything. I have included my favorite photo of Zoe, taken when she was 7 weeks old. It captures her personality and everything that was to come for us, together, me and my best friend.

Chris Hatchett


What’s going on around TDTC?

2013 was a year of beginnings. New home, job, and town. New venues to play in- Teacup Agility, UKC, and American Herding Breeds Assn. We herded goats and ducks, as well as sheep. New dog clubs and groups – Mindy’s BA Herders, 4-Corners Herding Assn, Tulsa Dog Training Club, Companion Dog Club of Tulsa, K9 Manners & More, Obedience Training Club of Bartlesville with new titles and a UKC Agility HIT. New friends! New friends! New friends! I got to go see the Mini American Nationals in OKC; was privileged to be rally scribe at the AKC Rally Nationals Competition in Tulsa. New dog – Flagtree’s Piece of Cake (Cupcake) is like being on a perpetual sugar high!

I look forward to 2014 and it’s opportunities. I’ve already scheduled weight watchers meetings and have orientation at our company fitness center on my calendar. I have a 10-day trip to Houston planned when I can attend 4 days of CPE trials. Cupcake is enrolled in Advanced Beginner Obedience; Mia in Advanced Open Obedience; Bailey and Mia in Weave Poles 2 and Advanced Agility. We’ll be working on more agility titles, more advanced herding titles, Mia’s RAE2, and I hope to at least get Cupcake’s HT, CGC, RN and BN this year. I have a 20 X 30 foot shop to get cleaned out, matted, fitted with water, heat and air for my training room. Hopefully, my skills in grooming improve and I start learning something about conformation.

Good luck, health and fortune to every in 2014!
Karen Bailey Cooper
URO1 UAG2 Flagtree’s Dynamite (Mia) CD BN RAE PT NAP NJP CGC CL-1R CL1-F CL1- H TBAD TAG1 URO1 UAG1 Cooper’s Bailey Gal (Bailey) CD BN RE HT NAP NJP CGC CL1-R CL1-H TBID TG2
URO1 The Amazing Gizmo (Gizmo) CD BN RE CGC URO1
Flagtree’s Piece of Cake (Cupcake) in training with first leg in Herding Instinct

Welcome: MPossible Mya, 6 month old Australian Shepherd to begin obedience training in hopes of achieving Agility status.
I will always miss my Cleo, German Shepherd, who died before the age of 3 from a brain tumor.
Mya is my “angel” in moving my grief forward. Congrats or sympathy – just kidding – to the instructors working with Mya. Where Cleo was calm, cool and collected; Mya is a whirlwind!
Karen Bishop

John Henry starts his path to obtaining his CD title; completes his CGC and that CD titles. His already on his way to getting his Champion title.

Thor, his new resolution is to get “program” Service Dog certified.
Karla Emmen


First Nosework Titles at TDTC

On November 23 & 24, 2013, Dovie Ryan, Warren Pagel and Debra Hnath with their partners, Emmitt, Onyx, and Sollie, participated in the first United Nosework Container trial held in the United States at Companion Dog School of Tulsa. Karen Shivers was the judge. There were four trials, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. Both the novice and advanced levels were offered. The novice level consists of twelve cardboard boxes placed in a row. One box contained q-tips with drops of sweet birch on them. The dog must let his handler know which box the scent is in. All three dogs earned the Novice Nosework Container title. In the fourth trial, all our dogs moved up to the advanced level. This level is the same as the novice level except the scent is anise and your dog must do the alert that you tell the judge. All three dogs earned their first leg toward the Advance Nosework Container title.


Sollie and Koko

On Nov 10, 2013 Sollie, Koko and I traveled to Fossil Ridge Ranch in Valley View, Texas for a tracking test held by the Dallas Ft Worth Tracking Club. Judges were Ms Charlene Dunn and Ms Carol Clark. It was a great day for tracking. Koko was the first dog to test that day. It took her 10 minutes to complete her track and earn her first and only tracking title. I promised her if she earned her TD title I would not make her track any more. Sheep is where Koko’s heart is. Sollie’s track took a little longer. Sollie is sound sensitive (gun shy). He was the last dog to test that day. While the dog before him was testing, some wonderful people decided that it was also a great day to target practice. It sounded like a war going on. The owners of Fossil Ridge Ranch were so nice to try to find out who was shooting but they were unsuccessful. I thought I would try Sollie an way. What did we have to lose? When Sollie got to the end of his first leg, the shooting was so loud and frequent that it looked like he was having trouble concentrating on the track. I was just about to call it quits when he took off like a freight train. He would stop from time to time when the gun fire was too numerous and look a little worried. Good thing he likes tracking more than he is afraid of gun fire. On the second to the last leg of his track, Sollie veered off. I could tell he was not on track. He put his head to the ground and pulled up a deer leg. Great! It took me a couple of minutes to convince him that he could not finish the track with a deer leg in his mouth. Sollie completed his Tracking Dog Excellent track in 26 minutes. I am sooooo proud of both Koko and Sollie.
Debra Hnath


We have a new addition to our canine family. We adopted Jaxson, a 4-year-old English Golden Retriever in November. He was surrendered to Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue along with another golden by his previous owners who claimed to be allergic to the dogs. He is ball- obsessed and squirrel-crazy, but otherwise very well-mannered. So it’s back to the Beginners class for me with a new buddy this January!

Jennifer Simms


Kanali earned her UGRACH title on Nov 17th!

Jeri Hajek


Khan and Phil made the Ponca City newspaper this fall during the Kay-9 Dog Training Club’s agility trial. Just FYI: Khan says he is NOT A POOCH!

Sandy Van De Verg

Paw Pals at Carnegie

We are looking for several additional Paw Pals members who would like to join us in visiting students at Carnegie Elementary School (near 56th and Yale). We meet in the school’s library and help the kids read stories to our dogs. No experience is needed. New Paw Pals members are welcome if your dog enjoys children and you are available on the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of the month from 1pm to 2pm, or would just like to sub as needed. For more info, please contact Jennifer Simms at Jshamas@cox.net or 918-299-2297.



I would like to thank all the club members who helped set up for the Christmas Party: Gisella Klindera, Barb Casto, Ann Morrison, Linda Maxwell, John Maxwell, Alana Fischer, Johanna Fischer, Cassie Sherrod, Bobbie Lane, Heather Lane, and Kelly Carter. I hope I did not miss anyone. Special thanks to Barb Casto for designing/printing the flyers and numbers for Dirty Santa, and the additional decorations!
Jeri Hajek

TDTC AKC Agility Trials – December 6-8, 2013

The weather did not cooperate with our schedule for this trial. There was cold weather, rain, ice, snow, and more cold weather all weekend. We did have some sunshine during the day, but with the temperature below freezing, what melted just turned back into ice which even became slicker than an ice skating ring Any way, many made it to the trials, both to volunteer and run their dogs. Then we had those special volunteers that came to the fairgrounds and participated as a volunteer only.
The trials continued as scheduled and with the normal conflicts that will occur when you have a one ring trial and we added even a few more with a two ring trial. Thanks, to the exhibitors who worked the table or ring, prior to their dogs running in the class, then again to the exhibitors who replaced them immediately after their run was completed. This was even accomplished without losing time in the class running. This happened on all three days and in both rings.
Special thanks go to the exhibitors from all the various clubs that attended the TDTC Trials and helped as volunteers. This trial would or could not have happened without you all stepping up to the need as volunteers. TDTC appreciates and thanks you for your help with our trials and we look forward to helping as volunteers at your trials in the future.
Thanks to those who helped load the truck at TDTC and those that helped unload at the Fairgrounds on Thursday evening. And then we also thanks those that helped load the truck after the trials on Sunday, then the volunteers that came to the TDTC facility and assisted in unloading the truck after the show. Our trials really start the with the loading/unloading operations before the event starts and ends with all equipment back at TDTC in its proper place either in storage or in the training rings.
THANKS AGAIN, to all of you who helped with the Trials.

John Maxwell
TDTC Chief Agility Ring Steward

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