May 2014

Clean up after you Dogs and Respect of others at the TDTC facility

I was leaving the TDTC Facility Wednesday (2/26/2014) just around 12:00 Noon and witnessed a happening that should not have happened. Before I proceed further, I would like to offer the Club and individuals who were probably affected by this, some knowing and some not knowing:

  1. To the Club for not approaching the individuals about the matter and having action taken to get the matter cleaned up from its placement.
  2. To the individuals, both of you, who had the dogs, for not assisting you in keeping people out of the fluid and obtaining materials for cleaning it up.
  3. To the individuals who were not aware of the fluids and exited the building and either you, your dog, or both of you stepped in the fluids and then probably got it transferred to your vehicle, even on the seat, if you do not place in crate.
  4. To the team that is responsible for keeping TDTC Facility clean and nice for all of us to use. (There is a big possibility that some of the fluids were tracked back into the building.)

There were individuals ahead of me as we approached the exit to the building and upon opening the door, movement stopped for a brief period, as one of your animals urinate at the entry way and created a large pool of urine as you stepped out the door. I am not sure if your animal smelled the pot that was located at the doorway and decided to heavily make its mark, or it just had to relieve itself.

I know both of you were aware of this happening, but you proceeded on to your vehicle, loaded the animals, got into your vehicle and left the building. (I was directly behind you, saw you look at the animals, then you looked at me briefly, then proceeded as indicated above, stepping around the pool of urine.

I should have said to you, I will keep people out of the mess while you put up the dogs, and your partner could have gone back to get cleaning materials. I had other matters on my mine and was headed to another appointment, and did not utilize my thoughts and offer assistance. It has bothered me that I just let this incident ride, but I feel that I had to say something.

The entryways to the building, especially the stoop area, is still considered part of the building and the same clean up activity should occur there as happens if your animal creates a mess in the building. The owner is responsible for the cleanup and many times others do assist, though no required.

There have been numerous discussions regarding dogs urinating on the stoop area and how it leads to faster deterioration of materials utilized in the construction of the area, especially when it is the engraved bricks. I know the owners of the animal that made its pool were aware of this as they are longtime members of the club and have been in meetings when this matter has been discussed.

Again, I offer my apology to all for not taking immediate action as indicated, but I am of the opinion that this happens more often than we know, and we should all be aware of what our animals do at times. Then we should take immediate steps to eliminate the conditions created, and if just a witness such as I was, offer some assistance, and if necessary see that action is taken.

John Maxwell
Chief Agility Ring Steward

From the Newsletter Editor

Due to the length of Paw Prints this month, it will not be possible to send it out via USPS the thickness of the folds will not allow it to pass through the canceling machine. What a great problem to have!!!!!! So many brags and so many activities to report on in the last two months. There will be hard copies available at the club for those of you who normally get one via mail.

Sandy Van De Verg


Thank You

Again, thanks to the volunteers who stepped up to the plate when required for the trials and that is inclusive of all that are required to make it happen. The whole trial begins with the Trial Secretary and includes all that work to get the entries set up, the notifications sent to all entrants and then the changes to entries prior to trial cut off times. There are various committees that work to make it happen and some are in the forefront and many in the background. It takes it all to make the trial happen and be successful.

Then we come to the actual trial where we have to obtain volunteers in many areas. It takes from 12 to 18 warm bodies ring side to make each trial go smooth and efficient. Thanks to all that participated in the course building and ring set up for each event, and this also includes tearing down a course and then setting up for the next class to begin. Then we have the actual ring crew from the scribe, timer, assistant timer, leash runner, score runner, and various ring stewards or as some refer to these as “bar setters”. Thanks to all of you who participated/volunteered in this area.

When TDTC hosts these events at locations such as the Tulsa fairgrounds, we have to move the equipment to and from TDTC to the show site and then return it back to TDTC at the end of the show. This is a special thanks to those that helped in this area, and especially the individuals that worked in unloading and storing the equipment at TDTC on Sunday after the show. This is one of the areas whereas we need additional volunteers helping complete this part of the trial. All of us have been there all weekend and all of us are ready to go home and get ready for a Monday. However, this portion of the trial is where your help could be utilized. If you have not been a participant and you are a club member, we offer this opportunity to volunteer and help with the trial. (This is either at the show site or at the TDTC facility your help would be appreciated.) If you are a participant, helping load the equipment to the truck, more of you following the truck to the Club house and participating in the unloading would be greatly appreciated and your help is needed. (Due to the rain during this trial, we could not back the truck up to the big door in the storage area and had to utilize the front door of the club house and move it back into the storage area. This was some additional work and extra time required to complete the task.) Some of our younger and more agile members would have been very welcome during this activity, so keep this in mind for future trials.

A large portion individuals step up and volunteer at our trials in many capacities and if it were not for their help, the trials would not run as efficient as they do. When you see these individuals, please say to them, “Thank you for your help.” (Especially, since many of the volunteers do not receive the thanks via Paw Prints.) And when you attend one of their trials, sign up and volunteer to help them with their trials, as they have the same needs as our trials.

Again, thanks to those of you that served as volunteers at this AKC Agility trial. (We have another trial coming up in December 2014, so watch for the sign up volunteers’ sheets and fill one or more of the positions available at the trails.

John Maxwell
Chief Ring Steward
TDTC Agility Trials

TAC – UKC Agility Trials – March 22-23-2014

Well, to start off would like to thank those volunteers who signed up for the original trial dates of February 8th and 9th. Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not cooperate with the weather forecasters who had predicted some unsafe weather conditions and after many discussions, it was decided that it would be safer to reschedule the trial to the March dates. Now many of you were able to make adjustments and advised that you would be able to volunteer as originally scheduled. Your willingness to volunteer for the new trail dates helped, especially due to the fact there was a three day agility trial in Tulsa the previous weekend.

We had a very successful trial and thanks to all volunteers all went according to schedule. There were some entry changes due to the change in dates, but we still had a great trial.
For the UKC trials it requires between 50 to 60 volunteers for positions within the ring and the volunteers that are not as visible outside of the ring. All work together to make it happen and to keep it moving along smoothly.

There were several of the volunteers that have not participated in Agility Trials, but they took the opportunity as a volunteer to gain knowledge of how agility works and gained knowledge of how they need to work with their dogs as they begin in Agility. Volunteering at trials, whether they are in agility, obedience, rally, or any of the other events, does provide an opportunity to see and gain knowledge of the sport. Another aspect to watch is how each works with their dog as to giving the commands on a timely basis and how they actually run the course with their dogs.

So hopefully, you will consider volunteering at the various events and obtain valuable knowledge helping you in training and participating with your dogs.

The next UKC trial is scheduled for early August, so watch for the volunteer sheets, which hopefully will again be on line, and volunteer to help with the trial.

Again, a very big Thanks to all of those of you who volunteered for this trial.
John Maxwell
Chief Agility Ring Steward

UKC March 21 thru March 22, 2014 Agility Trials

I would like to personally thank Bill & Judy Spens, Mariann Duca, Gwen Grandell, Lorrie Russ and Jeri Hajek. Without these people putting forth their talents there would not be any trials. Please help me by telling them “Thank You” when you see them.

Also, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the following people for the setup and cleanup for these UKC trails:

Jerry Mabry, Jeri Hajek, Barb Castro, Gisella Klindera, Bill & Judy Spens, Mariann Duca, Gwen Grandell, Cassie Sherrod, Nikki Childers, Sue Shockley and Warren Pagel.

Without each of you volunteering these events could not take place.


TDTC Obedience/Rally Trial – April 4-6, 2014 Thanks to all Volunteers

I want to thank those people who volunteered at such short notice for the AKC Obedience/Rally Trial that were held on April 4, 5, and 6th. Volunteering for this trial was interesting since there was a change for the agility trials and I did not want to interfere with John’s sign ups. I am working on his internet up system. Looks interesting.
I to want to thank those who signed up and volunteered – Dovie Ryan, Pat Smith, Mike Hopkins, Sara Jan Jednacz, Claudia Brierre, Ursula Ekren, Christy Kelly, Nancy Reeder, Karen Cooper, Pam Gennardo, Dan Trout, Cheryl Medlock, Vierra, Ann Morrison, Ken McDonnell, Mike DeLorey, and Kathy Gray. It truly amazes me those who step up at the trial to help when someone does not show up thank you so much. All of you make the trial
run smoothly and a pleasure for the judges and those who are showing.

Lori Russ
Chief Ring Steward
TDTC Obedience/Rally Trials

A Huge Thank you to Sue Shockley …

for creating all of the beautiful photo collages for the newsletter. Sue does this every month for the newsletter and it is gratefully appreciated by the Paw Prints editor!

Sandy Van De Verg
Paw Prints Editor



Gisella Klindera and Cali

It was a long journey but Cali and I finally earned our first UGRACH at the TAC agility trial on March 23. Thank you to Dovie Ryan who has taught me so many things over the years that she has been my agility class instructor. Thank you also to Debra Hnath, Jeri Hajek, and Barb Casto for their support…it takes a village to achieve an agility title.

Cali Klindera completed her CDX at the TDTC AKC Obedience Trials on April 5th & 6th. We have worked long and hard to achieve this title and mom is very proud of her canine daughter.


Sue Shockley and Zula

Zula earned 2 UAGII legs & 2 Blue ribbons at the TAC show.


Lyons and Amber Plumlee, Warrior and Don Thayer and Belle and Beth Ann Jensen

Lyons (Amber Plumlee), Warrior (Don Thayer) and Belle (Beth Ann Jensen) were presented with “Volunteer Week” thank you gifts at Life Senior Services in Broken Arrow.

Chris Hatchett, Zoe, Ziva and Zar’n

Zoe has officially retired with her final title in agility, her PACH 3. Other titles are listed in my signature (which my son says is WAY too long!). Ziva finished her RA title at the TDTC Obed and Rally trial. Zar’n got two legs in his RN and passed a Novice Beginner trial. He also got his Open Standard Agility title this past weekend in KC. He is now in EX STD and JWW. Very proud of the little 2-year old love buddy!


Lynda Brownson and Brownson N Givens Allstar

Brownson N Givens Allstar, CGC was a year old on April 2. On April 5 at the TDTC obedience trial he earned the red ribbon by being the second highest scoring dog in the Beginner Novice B group. On April 6, Brown was the highest scoring dog in the Beginner Novice B group with a 196/200. Below is a collage of Brown at the trial, his ribbons earned and the toy he won.

Karen Cooper, Bailey, Mia and Gizmo

Brags for 2014 are Bailey: UAGII, CTL1-F.CTL1-S. CTL1-R, CTL1 and last week the earned her CGCA. Mia for 2014: URO2, UAG2, CL1-S, and CL1, and she earned her CGCA last week. Gizmo for 2014: URO2 (he is in pins in this leg for at least another 4 weeks – for a total of 12 weeks – I keep hoping he will be better soon)


Donna Costes and Shasta

My dog Shasta placed 1st in her 1st 2 trials at the TDTC show on April 4th and 5th in Beginner Novice A. We then went to Grove the following weekend, and on Friday, April 11th, she again placed 1st and won her BN title for Beginner Novice A. I was so proud of her.


Jennifer Bristow and Josh

Josh got his BN at the spring trials, placing at all 3 trials. I couldn’t be more proud! With thanks to Cathy, Barb, Mariann, Stacy, Chris and everyone else who has trained with and encouraged us over the past year.


Cookie Kemp and Lindy Lou

Lil Lindy Lou, 18 months old, finished her first two performance titles in Ponca City with two first places and a perfect score of 100 in Novice Rally and Beginner Novice. She earned her BN title with 2 first places and one second. The judge told her that hers was the only perfect score of the day.

Barbara Casto and Claire

Claire Received her UAGII title and 3 first place ribbons at the UKC trial in March at TDTC.


Jeri Hajek and Kalea

Kalea earned her Grad Novice title this month, with a First and two Second places! A very exciting weekend for us!


Sandra Wright and Boca

Boca earned his Novice Agility Preferred and Novice Jumpers Preferred Titles at the March TDTC AKC trial. He also earned 41 points towards his UACH at the TAC UKC trial in March!

Carol Minden, Cocoa and Merlot

Cocoa (Smokehouse Chocolate Souffle) won her UACH at our club’s UKC agility trial. Merlot (Ch. Smokehouse Pop the Cork CD,RE,NA,OA, NJW) earned his Novice Agility Preferred title at our club’s AKC agility trial.

Ron and Cassie Sherrod and Lord Xam

Lord Xam Sherrod and handlers Ron & Cassie Sherrod earned his UACH title at our last trial. He took 3rd place out of 9 dogs and won a toy. Mom got a ribbon. Ron died last Sept but helped with all his strength to accomplish this goal. We are proud of our little man. Thanks to all our teachers and friends at TDTC to help us reach this goal. Now off to compete in AGIII.

Wish us luck.
Cassie & Xam


Phil Van De Verg, Khan and Gunner

Phil Van De Verg and Khan earned their MX title in Wichita last month. He now is officially known as Temujin’s Treasure of Khan CDX RAE2 MX MXJ. That jumpers title was sure a lot easier to come by than the MX!!!! Gunner is now competing at the Excellent level in Jumpers and will make his Novice Standard debut in May, but his consuming passion lately is participating in Barn Hunt! Get those rats!

Barn Hunting TDTC Teams

Several TDTC teams participated in a Barn Hunt seminar hosted by the Obedience Training Club of Bartlesville on April 19th, led by Barn Hunt judge Brandi Coyner. Lenore DuBaldo, Johnnie Hart, Sue Shockley, Sandy Van De Verg, Phil Van De Verg, Sue Young, Karen Cooper, Kathy Gray, Linda Maxwell, John Maxwell and their canine companions had loads of fun learning how to “get the rat.” The dogs had great fun using their noses to sniff out the rats (hidden in bales of hay in aerated tubes – note no rats were harmed. All the dogs exhibited the ability to hunt down a hidden quarry, but I think Vegas, Katie, Brodie, Grady and Gunner, especially have found a new outlet for all their energy and drive!


Glenda Poulos and Deacon

My Aussie, Deacon, earned his first title at the trials hosted by TDTC earlier this month. It was his first attempt, so I am very proud of him.


Christin Akers, Bravo and Envy

Bravo earned his AKC BN title April 5th and Envy earned her first leg April 6th.
Then this last weekend at Grove Bravo took BOW 3 days in a row and Envy took BOS 3 days in a row. The mastiff that beat them won RBIS, BIS, and group 3 on those 3 days. Not bad at all to loose to a best in show winner!


Boca Becomes a Big Brother!

Boca became a big brother to a Dorkie named Penny Lou on April 10. He is doing well in showing her the ropes and adjusting to not being an “only child”.

(Note: Boca and Penny Lou lovingly own their handler, Sandra Wright).


Traveling with Karen Cooper

Do I recommend a dog-day vacation – ABSOLUTEY. Traveling to Houston with 3 dogs can be and was a blast during a 10-day March vacation. The main events were 2 CPE agility trials on back-to-back weekends, one of which was put on by my old club – Houston Obedience Training Club. Although both weekends had their share of running agility outside in the rain, the temperatures were nice and courses were challenging and fun. I got to see many friends and get some work time in on the trials.

A little about CPE. It attracts all levels of agility fans, all ages of dogs, and I even saw a 3-legged dog having some great runs. Over a two-day weekend, CPE offers 2 standard runs, jumpers and their other 5 games. There are levels 1, 2 and 3. Some people will stay in level 1 until they get 1000 points just for the experience and a whole different type of title. In level 1, you have a L1 standard title, a L1 fun title, a L1 handlers title and a L1 strategy title. Qualify in snooker and jackpot? You have a Level 1 strategy title. Of course the higher the level, the more times you have to qualify in each class to earn a title. There is also a tradition of additional prizes for 100 point levels, major titles, I seen 6 or 7 cakes at a trial, framed pictures of dog and handlers, blankets, etc.

Mia and Bailey came home from their 4 days of trialing with 6 new titles and a ton of ribbons. Bailey even won a special “Charlie Brown” award from the judge. She made a special place in his heart by reminding him of his Newfie, who would take 1 or 2 obstacles then run to the bar setter’s lap to lavish kisses upon that person. That is exactly what Bailey did upon seeing one of her favorite teachers from the past. Even with the time to retrieve her from George Anna’s lap, Bailey still managed to Q!

On the way to Texas we made some tourist stops for Texas pictures and bluebonnets -even though we were a little early for the full bluebonnet spectrum. During the week, my 3 girls made new friends of 2 giant German Shepherd boys. Then they reacquainted themselves with moms, dads, sisters, cousins at Cupcake’s and Mia’s breeder’s home.

We were also privileged to be able to attend a little of the Miniature Australian Shepherd Nationals in Brenham by participating in a herding seminar with Dianne Deal and a nose works seminar with Barbara Cecil.

Puppy Graduation, March 2014

Gisella Klindera and Jeri Hajek’s Class

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