July 2014

From The President

During my 2013 term as your President I appointed two Special Committees to address some concerns for TDTC. The first issue was to improve our Agility equipment by the addition of a rubberized coating to all of the contact equipment used in AKC trials and classes. This Committee was chaired by Tom Kotch and has now completed the process of reviewing options, selecting the coating and updating all the contact equipment. They did an excellent job and I have received nothing but glowing reports from you the membership that train in Agility.
The second issue was to address reports that during UKC Agility trials, training for UKC/AKC Agility and jumping in the upper levels of Obedience dogs were slipping on our current floor mats that have become slick over time. This being a safety and dog health issue for our membership and other customers, it was given a high priority. This Committee is chaired by Linda Maxwell and has completed the review of options, selected a new floor mat product and has the approval of the TDTC Board to proceed with the purchase and installation of new mats. The order for the new mats has been placed with a delivery scheduled for November 2014. The physical replacement of the mats will be in several steps and requires a lengthy window of time to complete. Therefor the month of December will be dedicated to this process. I am using this Paw Prints input to start the process of informing the general membership that sacrifices will have to be made that will disrupt the usual training time that we have come to expect during December. To start this process the entire main floor of the building will have to be emptied to the bare floor. The Board has selected a date of Thursday Nov. 20th for all members who currently have a crate at the building to remove that crate and any other

personal equipment from the building. We will start disposing of the existing mats on Saturday November 22nd following the Friday night Beginners Graduation. We will be trying to rehome these mats to any organization that may have a need for them. Any member wishing to have some of these mats personally will be able to come to the building and pick them up free of charge. The exact preference for who gets first pick may change between now and then due to our primary goal of getting rid of them quickly so we can waste no time in getting the floor cleaned and prepared for the new mats. We are using a commercial flooring installer for the installation, but the cleaning and floor preparation is a TDTC responsibility. We may very well need to put out a plea for membership help with manpower, but we our trying to minimize that at this time. One other concern is that we expect the building will not be available for our annual Christmas Party, and we are currently exploring other options. This is only the first general notice on this issue to be followed by more information as we get closer to the November time frame.

Jerry Mabry


Karen Cooper and Bailey, Mia and Cupcake

April 26, 2014 Cooper’s Bailey Gal earned her AKC PT title (Herding Pre-Trial). I’m very
proud of her since there was a time when I didn’t even think she would pass in Instinct test.

April 26 and 27, 2014 Flagtree’s Dynamite (Mia) earned 2 AKC Herding Started A Course – Sheep legs. Again, I really never imagined getting this far, so I am very proud of her. In addition, Mia earned High in Trial Miniature American Shepherd.

April 26 and 27, Flagtree’s Piece of Cake (Cupcake) showed in her first conformation
show. She placed 2nd on Saturday behind the Best in Show female. Her attention, stacking and traveling around the ring really impressed me.

May 9 – 11 Teacup Tornadoes Teacup Agility Trial at Canine Sports Academy in Norman,
Cupcake – popular vote of most Entertaining dog at trial for running on top of the tunnels as well as inside the tunnels – down the length of the tunnel. She also earned her first agility
ribbons, but the majority of her runs were FEO. Bailey – earned her Teacup Games 3 title.
Mia – earned her Teacups Games 2 title and her TIAD (Teacup Intermediate Agility Dog) title. Mia also won the High in Trial 16″ dog.

Cupcake and I participated in our first confirmation show in April. She placed 2nd in the Open Bitch Misc class, behind the girl who went Best in Show. Considering her small size and lack of coat after her heat cycle, I was very happy! In May, she earned her first 2 legs toward her AKC Beginner Novice Obedience title with 2 second places and 187.5 and 191 scores. She also earned 2 legs towards an AKC Rally Novice title, placing 1st and 2nd with 97 and 99 scores. Awesome! I am also pleased to report she received an EXCELLENT on her OFA Hip certificate.
Gizmo spent 16 weeks with pins in his leg and another 4 weeks in his crate finishing up his healing. He is finally free, but needs time to build back up his strength and muscles.

UKC Rally Trial
Bailey earned her UKC RO2 and Mia earned her UKC RO3 title at the recent UKC trial.


Linda Williams and Peach and Abbey

Peach earned her CD and first 2 legs of RAE Abbey earned her RE and got to retire.

Lynda Brownson and Reggie

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Multi BIS Int CH / BISS AKC CH / Multi RBIS UKC CH Givens N AllStar Royally Regal CD, RN, CGC, URO1, Multi Total Dog CHIC #57096 (L) “REGGIE”

Sire: CH Givens Oakdal Rhythm N Jazz RE, CD, CGC, TD Dam: CH Givens Joy Checquer Out CGC Breeders: Marcia Givens / Carol Korupp
Owners: Lynda Brownson / Laurel Allen / Marcia Givens

Tami Naifeh and Reggie

I got Reggie from the animal shelter he was difficult and very reactive in a bad way. With the help of Canine Manners and More and then Marj the Dog Trainer of latest he has become a very attentive and obedient dog. I can t ever let him get away with anything and he must follow my instruction and he knows this. I am a proud owner of this Mutt. Sophie (Collie), is Queen of the castle, of course.

Phil Van De Verg and Gunner

Phil and Gunner competed in agility at the first trial of the Dog Agility Association of the Ozarks, in Springfield, MO. Gunner qualified all three days in Novice Standard (since there was only one judge he could not complete his title) and qualified in Jumpers Excellent on the last day, earning his first leg. He also received a special prize for being the last dog of the last class of the last day of the trial!


Lynda Portiss and Kula

Kula started his conformation show career in January and finished his Championship on th. He finished with two Best of Breeds and four Best of Opposites.

Bob Portiss and Aryi

Bob Portiss and his team mate Ayri Q’d in Novice JWW and Standard at the Obedience Training
Club of Wichita Falls Agility Trial in Texas on June 22, 2014.

Tom Kotch and Cher

Tom Kotch and his team mate Cher Q’d in Open FAST at the Obedience Training Club of
Wichita Falls Agility Trial in Texas on June 20, 2014.


Jamie Williams

Jamie Williams tried her hand at confirmation at the Mid-Continent Kennel Club Show!


Kathy Gray and Chloe

Chloe earned her RO3 title at the UKC trial with three first place finishes.


Sandy Van De Verg and Khan

Khan participated in a National Association of Canine Scent Work ORT (Odor Recognition Test) in Springfield, MO on June 22. He correctly identified the box with the birch scent in it. Below: Khan alerting on hide (small round box above Hondo logo) during vehicle search.

Lyons and Amber Plumlee, Warrior and Don Thayer, Belle and Beth Ann Jensen

Lyons (Amber Plumlee), Warrior (Don Thayer) and Belle (Beth Ann Jensen) were presented with “Volunteer Week” thank you gifts at Life Senior Services in Broken Arrow.


AGILITY GROUP Update from Tom Kotch

As most of you have noticed, the agility equipment is complete for the Contact Rubberization.

At this time all the equipment has been fixed.

A special “THANKS” to the committee (Bill Spens, Lee Blankenship, Linda Maxwell, Chris Hatchett) and supporters (Rod Hatchett, Jerry Mabry) for their efforts to choose the equipment and installation. It took many hours and meetings to choose the vendor and method of installation. The installation/painting/unexpected repairs were over many hours (there were over 80 person-hours alone for fixing and installation of the contacts. There was another 40 person- hours of meetings and travel. Another 5-10 hours of phone conversations/follow-up). There are still some minor improvements to the equipment to be made over the next few weeks but the Rubberized Contact committee is now over and project complete. Equipment feels great and looks great.

We look forward to using the Contacts and will be ready for the December Trial to show off the TDTC improved equipment. If you see these people anywhere thank them for their efforts.
For those of you that go to trials don’t forget to wear your TDTC Shirt at least one day of an agility trial. Show your club support. Over the next few months we will be putting together a Ring Crew Etiquette and Responsibility package for anyone that wants it to help people understand the importance of their participation. I have found that most people don’t participate because they don’t how and are afraid of making mistakes. From all the trials that I have attended there is nothing worse than ill-trained Ring Crew. I hope TDTC can form an educational forum that will help TDTC members excel at the trials.

For those of you that have participated in the past trials “THANK YOU”. For those of you thinking about helping in the future we are getting ready to train you.

TDTC SHOW N GO From Kathy Gray

TDTC held a Show and Go on June 15 to give people chance to practice for the upcoming UKC trial. Many thanks to the following for helping to make the evening successful: Sue Shockley, Nina Lynn, Giselle Klindera, Ed Hardesty, Barb Casto, Jerry Mabry and Jeri Lynn Hajek.

Tulsa Round up Dog Trial 2014 from Barb Casto

A Special Thank You to everyone that volunteered at the Tulsa Round Up Dog Trial 2014 at the Expo Center on Memorial Day Weekend. Tulsa Dog Training Club provided Stewards for the Rally and Obedience Trials. We also provided public education for everyone interested in training their dog and learning about Tulsa Dog Training Club. It was a great weekend for everyone, all of the members that worked and showed their dogs. Thanks to Dovie Ryan, Mike Delorey, Gisella Klindera, Barb Casto, Moira Lawson, Mariann Duca, Rhonda Clawson, Haley Hahn, Gwen Grandell, Katie Dudley; what a great team of stewards.

Thanks to Jeri Hajek, Lenore Dubaldo, Alana and Johannah Fischer, Eleanore Beymer, Barb Casto, Ann Morrison, and Debra Hnath who worked to set up, take down the booth and educate the public on Dog Training and the benefits of Tulsa Dog Training Club. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.
Training Club for providing the Stewards for the event. Everyone did a great jog in making the Obedience Trials a success.

A report from the CGC

On May 31, 2014 we held the Canine Good Citizen Evaluation for the spring session at Tulsa Dog Training Club. 8 Dogs were evaluated and 8 Dogs passed and obtained their CGC Title.
Thanks to the Evaluators: Dovie Ryan, Gisella Klindera and Jerry Mabry. I would also like to thank all of the volunteers for coming out, helping and doing a great job.

Barbara Casto

TDTC Offers New Obedience Class

Beginning with our June, summer session, TDTC will be offering two Nosework classes. Because of the popularity of the class, enrollment is determined by a drawing. For more enrollment information, please contact TDTC Training Director/Advanced Enrollment Coordinator, Sue Shockley.

The Nosework program is modeled after working detection dogs. While working as a team with their handler, the Nosework program allows any breed and type of dog to respond to specific target odors by using their natural olfactory abilities. The specific target odors are placed in a variety of environments from containers on the floor to vehicles and much more!

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