May 2015

A Note from the President

We are well into the spring session. It is gratifying to see each of our classes functioning under the leadership of our many dedicated instructors. We recently completed a successful AKC Rally and Obedience Trial. Our club is filled with activity. We function, however, only because many dedicated members volunteer their me. If you have not volunteered recently, consider helping with a club function the next me we solicit volunteers. When you assist with a club function you not only help to make it a success, but you have an opportunity to meet new people and experience the fellowship that makes our club special.
Our Board of Directors is continually assessing each aspect of our club and is seeking ways to make improvements. One key area that we are looking at now is our club website. For most people in our community and surrounding areas the first impression that they receive about TDTC is when they visit our website. We want it to be as attractive, informative, and functional as possible. Board Member at Large Todd Johnson is taking the lead in looking at ways to improve our website. Please take a moment to give Todd your feedback as to how our website can be improved.
I deeply appreciate the opportunity to serve your club as president. Please join me in welcoming our guests when they train and show at our club, and encourage them to become a member of our club. I look forward to seeing you at the club.

Ed Hardesty

Upcoming Events

8th – TDTC General Meeting
30th – Canine Good Citizen Test
31st – Agility Classes Evaluation

1st-4th – Obedience Classes Evaluation Week
5th – Beginners Obedience Graduation
19th-20th – Tulsa Agility Club UKC Rally Trials
20th-21st – Tulsa Agility Club UKC Obedience Trials
22nd – Summer Session Obedience & Agility Begins
26th – TDTC Board Meeting

A Special Thanks

AKC Agility Trials – March 13-15 2015

Thank you to all the volunteers who stepped in to make the AKC agility trial run so smoothly. We couldn’t have a trial
without the scribes, timers, gate keepers and ring crews and you all did an awesome job. We appreciate you!

Lenore DuBaldo and Becky Lane
Agility Chief Ring Stewards


I would like to thank the following people who volunteered for the
AKC Rally and Obedience Trials that were held on April 3rd, 4th and
5th: Sally Poindexter, Rebecca Murdock, Mike DeLorey, Mariann Duca,
Kristen Zollars, Ed Hardesty, Judy Mabry, Pat Smith, Jerry Mabry, Pam
Gennardo, Mary Hopper, Ann Morrison, Kelly Carter, Caren O’Gwin,
Gisella Klindera, Bridger Rives, Nancy McLeod, Dovie Ryan, Paula
Thetford and Kathy Gray.
This was a hard weekend with Easter in the mix, and I truly appreciate all who gave their time.
We had a lot of compliments from the judges as many of the volunteers multi-tasked to make the trial run smoothly.
One of our volunteers is a student at Bishop Kelly, and after the trial I was sent an email through InspireVive to confirm his volunteer time. I thought that this was a good idea to document hours and very simple to do. The organization just has to set it up for the service hours, and the volunteer coordinator just verifies the time. To find out more about this for service
organizations the website is InspireVive is a platform to earn free tickets for raising awareness and volunteering. TDTC just veirifies – the service organization sets it up for their group.

Lorrie Russ
Obedience Chief Ring Steward

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