March 2016

From the President

We are about to complete our winter session. It has been great to see our dedicated instructors at work and so many familiar and new faces working with their dogs. We are truly privileged to have such a wonderful facility and so many dedicated volunteers. I want to share, however, some concerns about recent events at our club.
In the past few months we have experienced some losses at our club. For example, a set of shears, a board with utility articles and small amounts of cash has gone missing from our building. Your board is very concerned about this and has taken action to increase security in several vulnerable areas of the club. We want to continue to maintain a family atmosphere at our club and allow qualified members to have access to our building for practice and to conduct club business. Never remove equipment from the building without permission from the board. Our equipment is for members and guests to use onsite, unless permission has been granted to use a piece of equipment offsite for an activity that promotes the interests of the club. Please be aware of your surroundings at the club and immediately report items that are missing or things that do not seem to be in place.
I look forward to seeing you at the club.

Ed Hardesty, President
Tulsa Dog Training Club

Upcoming Events

General Meeting March 4th, 7:00pm
The speaker for the general meeting is Marcie Tarvid. Marcie is a behaviorist at the Tulsa Zoo and trains service dogs for Therapeutics. Come join us and hear Marcie’s comments regarding the similarities between training canines and other species and maybe pick up a training tip or two. Hope to see you there!

AKC Rally, Obedience, and Agility Nationals – March 17th-20th Tulsa
First Agility Classes of Spring Session – March 26th
Spring Session Begins – March 28th
Obedience Show N Go – April 1st
TDTC Rally & Obedience Trials – April 8th-10th
Board Meeting – April 22nd, 7:00pm

Awards Banquet

2015 was a very busy and successful year for many hardworking TDTC handler/dog teams! The following teams received awards at the 2015 Awards Banquet held at Michael V’s. Chef Michael created a wonderful menu for us. Laura Morris read her original poem, “A Parade for One” and Tom Kotch, Agility Director and Mike DeLorey (standing in for Sue Shockley, Training Director), presented the following awards. Congratulations to all the teams!*

Craig Abrahamson and Enzo: RN
Chris Amos and Celeste: CGC, CGC-A
Susan Barnes and Cooper: NA, NAJ, CGC, U-AGII
Susan Barnes and Shelly: CGC
Richard D. Beeby and Sue: RA
Sondra Beeby and Sarah: CDX
Cynthia Brumbaugh and Oscar: CD, U-CD
Sharon Cairns and Demao Sweet Surprise, “Dulce:” U-CDX, U-RO3, PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE, NI, NHD
Kelly Carter and Tucker Carter: CGC, CD, CDX, U-CD
Barbara Casto and Claire: NJP, NAP, U-ROC, U-ACH, U-ACHX, NC, AC, NI, PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE
Karen Cooper and Cooper’s Bailey Gal: OJP, PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE
Karen Cooper and Flagtree’s Piece of Cake: PCD, CD, RA, RE, NA, NAJ, U-RO1, U-AGI
Karen Cooper and Flagtree’s Dynamite: NK, OA, OAJ, PCD, U-CD, PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE
Mike DeLorey and Dani: RN
Mike DeLorey and Luke: BN, RA, CD
Barbara DeLoziel and Willow: CGC
Jeanne Diver and Heartlands Feel the Noize, “Riot:” CGC, U-CH
Lenore DuBaldo and Izzy: U-GRACH4, PTS
Lenore DuBaldo and Rudy: CD, NA, OAJ, U-CD
Mariann Duca and Sierra: CGC-A
Johannah Fischer and Coal’s Luck of the Irish: CHC, RN, U-ROI
Johannah Fischer and Rusty: RA, U-RO2, PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE

Ann Morrison and Mr. Gru: BN, PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE, NI
Caren O’Gwin and Phoebe: RN
George Gennardo and Keeta Sunrise: BN, CGC
Pam Gennardo and Gunther von Leibe: CGC, CC-A, U-CD
Pat Kotch and Springlake What a Wrex, “Rex:” CGC, RA, U-ROI, PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM
Moira Lawson and Bella: RE, PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE, U-RO3
Moira Lawson and Quincy: AXP, U-GRACH2, U-GRACH3
Nina Lynn and Basil: PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE, NC, NE
Nina Lynn and Daisy: Versatility
Jerry and Judy Mabry and Mabry’s Last Ditch Effort, “Cody:” CGC, BN
Jerry and Judy Mabry and Jack: U-ACH
Linda Maxwell and Brody: PACH, PAX2, MXP6, MXPS, MJP5, MJPS, CAA, RATN
Linda Maxwell and Grady: AX< AXJ, NF, CAA
Cheryl Medlock and Quincy: RN, RA, RE, U-ROI, U-RO2, U-RO3
Chris Medlock and Lilly: RA, RE, U-RO1, U-RO2, U-RO3, U-ROC
Carol Minden and CHSmokehouse Pop the Cork, “Merlot:” OAJP, U-AGI, U-AGII
Carol Minden and Smokehouse Spirit of Tapestry, “Brandy:” RA, NAJ
Carol Minden and CH Barberry’s Justa Case of Smokehouse, “Snickers:” RA< CH
Carol Minden and CH Smokehouse Chocolate Souffle, “Cocoa:” U-GRACH, U-RO1

Steve O’Gwin and Basil: THD
Lynda Portiss and Grand Champion Overo Dark of the Moon at Tallyten: GCH
Lynda Portiss and Springmill I Got You Babe: OFP, U-RO3, PTN, PA, PTS, PTM, PTE
Lynda Portiss and CH XIV Karat Stormfront at Tallyten: NAP, NAJP, RAE, OA, OAJ, U-CDX, U-ALCH
Nancy Reeder and Scooter: PTE, NI, NE
Dovie Ryan and Emmitt: CDX, U-CDX, AN, SE, MI
Shirley Schillinger and Givens Dazzling Diamond: RN, CGC-A
Jennifer Simms and Mandy: THDX
Jennifer Simms and Jaxson: CGC-A
Judy Spens and Cody: AXP, U-GRACH1, U-ROG, U-RX3, PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE, NV, NC, NI, AC, AV, SC
Judy Spens and Wendy: MXP, OFP, U-GRACH5, U-ROG, NC, PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE
Jane Tyson and Kylie: NA, OAJ, AXJ, OA, MXJ, AX, U-CD, U-AGI
Jane Tyson and Kenzie: MACH2, MXS, MJS, U-GRACH16
Phil Van De Verg and Gunner: NA
Sandy Van De Verg and Gunner: RATI, RATN
Diane Warner and Molly: CGC-A
Randy and Jackie Williams and Brady: PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE
Linda Williams and Williams Wyatt at OK Corral: CGC

* Please note that these are the awards that teams received who filled out forms to receive their plaques and plates. There were many more teams who also competed and won titles. TDTC members and their companions have been very successful this year!

So you read through the multiple tons of awards – just what do all those letters mean? For Complete descriptions of titles visit the AKC and UKC websites.

AKC Titles*
AX: Agility Excellent
AXJ: Excellent Agility Jumper
BN: Beginners Novice, Dog
CD: Companion Dog
CDX: Companion Dog Excellent
CGC: Canine Good Citizen
CGCA Community Canine
MJB: Master Bronze Jumpers with Weaves (25 masters jumpers legs with scores of 100)
MX: Master Agility Excellent (10 legs in master agility class)
MXB: Master Bronze Agility (25 legs in masters agility with scores of 100)
MXJ: Master Excellent Jumpers with Weaves ( 10 legs in masters jumpers with scores of 100)
NA: Novice agility
NAJ: Novice agility jumpers
NF: Novice Fast
OA: Open Agility
OAJ: Open agility jumpers
OF: Open Fast
OM: Obedience Master:
RN: Rally Novice
RA: Rally Advanced
RE: Rally Excellent
RAE: Rally Excellent Advanced: 10 legs in both advanced and excellent on the same day
THD: Therapy Dog: Dog must be certified/registered by an AKC recognized therapy dog organization and perform 50 therapy visits
THDX: Therapy Dog Excellent: Must have completed 200 visits
UD: Utility Dog
UDX: Utility Dog Excellent
VER: Versatility
MACH: Masters Agility Champion


*These are titles earned by TDTC members for the year 2015 and do not represent all titles awarded by AKC. Any title followed by a “P” stands for preferred and indicates that the dog is not performing at its normal jump height in agility.

UKC Titles*
UGRACH1 – United Grand Agility Champion 1 (A UGRACH title will be issued with the designation in accordance with the numerical times the title has been earned)
UGRACH – United Grand Agility Champion
UAGII – United Agility II
UAGI – United Agility I

Nosework Trial Levels:
AN – Advanced Nosework
NN – Novice Nosework

Individual Element Classes:
MI – Master Interior

SE – Superior Exterior
SC – Superior Container

AE – Advanced Exterior
AC – Advanced Container

NE – Novice Exterior
NV – Novice Vehicle
NI – Novice Interior
NC – Novice Container

Pre-Trail Class:
PTE – Pre-Trial Elite
PTM – Pre-Trial Master
PTS – Pre-Trial Superior
PTA – Pre-Trial Advanced
PTN – Pre-Trial Novice

UCDX – United Companion Dog Excellent
UCD – United Companion Dog

Rally Obedience
UROG – United Rally Obedience Grand Champion
URX – United Rally Obedience Excellent
UROC – United Rally Obedience Champion
URO3 – United Rally Obedience 3
URO2 – United Rally Obedience 2
URO1 – United Rally Obedience 1

UKC Conformation
GRCH – Grand Champion
ALGRCH – Altered Grand Champion
*These are titles earned by TDTC members for the year 2015 and do not represent all titles awarded by UKC.


Congratulations to Debra Hnath, Cathy Smith, Nancy Cruzen, Moira Lawson, Cathy Hall, Pat Kinser, Kathy Gray, Lorrie Russ, George Gennardo, Carol Minden, Sally Poindexter, Mike DeLorey, Chris Medlock, Cheryl Medlock, Lynda Portiss, Barbara Casto, and Karen Cooper and their canine partners for their hard work. Several of these hold rankings in each venue! I think we would all agree that TDTC is well represented on this list. An All Star Standing is a listing of the top 50 ranked dogs in each class for any competition year.  The top 50 dogs are invited to participate in the All Star Invitational Competition.

Obedience Novice All Stars

02. URO1 UCD UAGII Frank N Stein Unrecognized Debra Hnath, John Hnath 6
03. UCD Be Bop AMB Cathy Smith 3
06. UCD Rocky Cruzen AMB Nancy L Cruzen 1
06. UCD PTE URO3 Daystars Stella Performance Miniature Schnauzer Moira Lawson 1

Obedience Open All Stars Rankings

01. UCDX Tanbark’s Quintuple Trouble Golden Retriever Cathy S Hall 20
02. UCDX Oh What a Peach Golden Retriever Cathy Hall 19
03. UCDX Lucky’s Second Chance Poodle Patsy A Kinser 6
04. NI NV AC PTE UCD UACH URO1 Gray’s Makin’ Heads Turn Scottish Terrier Kathy Gray 1

Rally Obedience RO1 All Stars

01. URO1 UCD UAGII Frank N Stein Unrecognized Debra Hnath, John Hnath 30
03. URO1 UCD Rivers Notebook of Nature Miniature Schnauzer Loreley C Russ 26
04. URO1 Keeta Sunrise Unrecognized George Gennardo 21
06. URO1 UAGII Smokehouse Pop the Cork Bernese Mountain Dog Carol Minden 20
06. Caisson’s Storm Chaser at Da-Jo German Shepherd Dog Debra Hnath 20

Rally Obedience RO2 All Stars

02. URO3 UCD Sachas Veni Vidi Vici Standard Poodle Sally Poindexter 27
02. UCD UROC Wicked Lilly Lady Underfoot Golden Retriever Christopher Medlock and Cheryl Medlock 27
04. UCDX URO3 Ganderhill’s Perfect Brew Labrodor Retriever Michael De Lorey and Denise De Lorey 25
05. URO3 UCD Cinnamax Play It Again Sam Golden Retriever Christopher Medlock or Cheryl Medlock 24
06. URX NI AC PTE UACHX UCD UROC Her Majesty Princess Claire AMB Barbara A Casto 22
07. URX PTE UROC UCDX UACH Springmill I Got You Babe Pembroke Welsh Corgi Robert Portiss and Lynda Portiss 21
07. URX UCDX UROC Rivers Iyam Loreleys Elsa Miniature Schnauzer Loreley Russ 21
09. UAGI URO1 Flagtree’s Piece of Cake Min American Shepherd Karen Bailey Cooper 10

Rally Obedience RO3 All Stars

01. URO3 UCD Cinnamax Play it Again Sam Golden Retriever Christopher Medlock or Cheryl Medlock 30
03. URO3 UCD Sachas Veni Vidi Vici Standard Poodle Sally Poindexter 26
03. UCDX URO3 Ganderhill’s Perfect Brew Labrodor Retriever Michael De Lorey and Denise De Lorey 25
05. URX UCDX UROC Rivers Iyam Loreleys Elsa Miniature Schnauzer Loreley Russ 24
06. URX PTE UROC UCDX UACH Springmill I Got You Babe Pembroke Welsh Corgi Robert Portiss and Lynda Portiss 23
07. URX NI AC PTE UACHX UCD UROC Her Majesty Princess Claire AMB Barbara A Casto 22
08. UCD UROC Wicked Lilly Lady Underfoot Golden Retriever Christopher Medlock and Cheryl Medlock 20

Thank Yous

UKC January 15th thru 17th, 2016 Obedience/Rally Trials and February 12th thru 13th, 2016 Agility Trials

I want to thank Mariann Duca for doing all of the pre-trial paperwork and keeping the trials running so smooth, Lorrie Russ and Lenore DuBaldo for working so hard staffing the rings, Carol Minden for the great trophies, Jeri Hajek for the morning goodies and the great lunches, Gwen Grandell for bending over taping the set-up area, Bill Spens for up- keep of all the equipment and the greatest course builder ever, and last but not least all of the worker bees (volunteers). These are the people that make the trials run smoothly and efficiently.

Also, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the following people for the setup and cleanup at one or both of these events:

Jeri Hajek, Barb Castro, Gisella Klindera, Bill Spens, Mariann Duca, Kathy Grey, Lenore DuBaldo, Tracy Hendrickson, Laura Morris, Lorrie Russ, Ann and Mike Sanford, Mike DeLorey, Ann Morrison, Carol Minden, Mary Hopper, Jane Tyson, George & Pam Gennardo, Susan Barnes, Alana Fischer, Sheila Carver and Pam Deatherage.

Please forgive me it I missed anyone.

Without each of you these events could not take place. THANK YOU!


Thanks to all who volunteered at the Tulsa Agility Club’s February trial.  It takes a village to pull off an efficient and well run trial and I’m grateful for all the ring stewards, gate stewards, timers, leash runners, scribe runners and course builders who dedicated their time over the weekend.  It was a pleasure working with you!

Lenore DuBaldo

I would like to thank the following people that gave their time to work the UKC Obedience and Rally Trial on January 15th – 17th.
Pam Gennardo, Dan Trout, Pat Smith, Cynthia Brumbaugh, Nancy McLeod, Sue Young, Gisella Klindera, Nancy Reader, Kathy Harle, Dianne Warner, Ann Morrison, Jeri Hajek, Mary Hopper, Alisa Johnson, Ed Hardesty, Mike DeLorey, Ann Sanford, Mike Sanford and George Gennardo. I would also like to that those who give time in other ways to make the trial successful – Mariann Duca, Bill Spens Carol Minden, Laura Morris and Tracy Hendrickson.  Without each of you our trials would not be such a success.

Lorrie Russ
Chief Obedience Ring Steward

Thanks to everyone that helped with the Fun Runs in January and February.  A UKC Obedience/Rally fun run was held in January and a UKC Agility fun run was held in February; everyone had a good time.  Looking forward to more in the future.

Barbara Casto


UKC CH Heartlands Feel the Noize!  CGC

UKC CH Heartlands Feel the Noize!  CGC earned his CH on December 5, 2015. Riot is owned by Jeanne Diver.

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