February 2017

From the President

2017 has arrived, and our winter session is upon us. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season. 2016 ended with a successful agility trial and a great Christmas party. It is now time to get back into the swing of training and preparing for the many activities that our club will provide.
Every moment that we spend with our dogs, whether it is training or show- ing, is special. We form a special relationship with our dogs when we work together. Each dog that comes into our lives is special, possessing traits and talents that are unique to that dog. Although we have not promoted it re- cently, our club has a plaque that allows us to provide a special memorial to dogs that have gone “over the rainbow”. We will be providing infor- mation as to how you can share the
memory of your special dog with our TDTC family. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to have the name of a dog that you have recently lost added to our memorial plaque.
I look forward to seeing you at our awards banquet and at the club.

Ed Hardesty
President Tulsa Dog Training Club

Upcoming Events

TDTC Board Meeting February 3
TDTC Awards Banquet February 4
Agility Fun Run February 10
TAC UKC Agility Trials February 11-12
TDTC General Meeting March 10
Canine Good Citizen March 11
Agility Class Evaluations March 12
Obedience Class Evaluations March 13-15
Beginners Graduation March 16
AKC Agility Trials March 17-19
First Week of Spring Session March 26-30
Show and Go March 31

Director of Training Updates

Welcome back Instructors, Apprentices, and Assistants.
Thank you in advance for your help this coming year.

Winter 2017
Reminder that if Tulsa Public Schools close for bad weather, we are also closed that day.

Reminder to all: When your dog poops out in the exercise yard, please bag it and put it in the provided trash can outside.

If you have any questions, please ask. If you don’t see me at the building, my email is smartdogs@cox.net.

Sue Shockley
Director of Training


If you have your dog in a crate in the aisle, please be sure to have the crate door shut or zipped.
If you have your dog leashed to a pole outside a ring, be sure to check how far they can go from the pole.
Remember, your dog may be seasoned/trained but we have lots of young dogs, pups, and inexperienced handlers learning. Please be aware of your dog as well as others.

In case you didn’t know…if you are going to miss a class, YES you can make it up by attending another class that week. Check the website tulsadogs.com to see what day and time we offer another class. Let the instructor know when you arrive that you are there to complete a make up class.

Thank Yous

I truly want to apologize for being VERY negligent for thanking people for volunteering for all of you trials since the first of the year. Each of you who devote personal time to the club is extremely important to make the club trials successful is awesome. Your devotion is astounding!

Judy Spens, Bill Spens, Pat Smith, Paula Thetford, Mike Tolbert, Dana Sommers, Sue Shockley, Jennifer Bristow, Gisella Klindera, Millie Harris, Pam Gennardo, Mariann Duca, Stacy Withrow, Kaci Johnson, Debra Hnath, Gisella Klindera, Laura Morris, Tom Kotch, Mary Hopper, Sue Young, Kristen Zollar, Dianne Warner, Jerry Mabry, George Gennardo, and Lenore Dubaldo.

Dovie Ryan, Pat Smith, Davie Rimes, Paula Thetford, Maureen Wilson, Mary Sanders, Judy Spens, Lynda Portiss, Nancy Reeder, Shannon Wimberly, Sarah Whipper, Kathy Harle, Mary Hopper, Jan Logan, Shirley Schillinger, Billy Schillinger, Pam Gennardo, Ann Morrison, Jeri Hajek, Ed Hardesty, and Debra Hnath.

Your assistance at all trials is greatly appreciated. Volunteering makes this club outstanding and sets us apart for all other clubs. Our members are wonderful!!

Lorrie Russ
Chief Ring Steward—Obedience Trials



Can’t you tell how much Kalea loves Nosework? She had a terrific weekend at Companions Nosework trial in December – earning her Master Exterior title, her Superior Handler Discrimination title and her first leg in Elite Interior (all first place finishes).

My sweet Kanali also had a great weekend at the Companion Nosework trial. She earned her first Elite Container leg with 4th place, a Superior Exterior leg in 2nd place, finished her Novice Handler Discrimination title and earned a leg in Advanced HD.

Jeri Hajek

Kanali had a first place finish to earn her Master Container title in Springfield over Thanksgiving weekend. Kalea finished her Advanced Handler Discrimination title. So very proud of both my girls!
Jeri Hajek

Claire at the Springfield Nosework Trial over Thanksgiving 2016. Claire also earned her Superior Handler Discrimination title at the Companion Nosework Trial in December 2016.
Barb Casto

The December trial was a hit for Team Gru!
He was stellar in his Handler Discrimination runs, earning both his Novice and Advanced titles. He finished his Novice title with a 3rd place, as well as a 2nd and two 3rd place finishes at the Advanced level. Despite the cold and snow/ ice etc…he really enjoyed the work. I am so proud of him !!
Ann Morrison


At the Companion Dog School UKC trials in November, Merlot earned his UACH title. He usually runs perfect runs and I needed only one leg to earn the title in AG III. I entered both trial one and two “just in case”. And I was glad I did as he popped out of the weaves in the first trial! The next day he was entered in all 3 classes in both trials. With the confidence he usually shows me, he breezed through all classes with perfect scores. We are 2 legs on our way to a UGRACH – good boy Merlot!

Carol Minden

After almost a 6-month hiatus from trialing, I was very pleased with the three agili- ty trial weekends my girls and I participated in during November-December 2016.
First, there was the MASCUSA AKC agility trials, held at K-9 Manners & More. Kenzie had a no-fault weekend. She ran every run perfectly, earning 3 Double Q’s and several placements. Kylie only qualified in 4 of her 9 runs, a couple of those errors due to her slipping on the mats and losing her footing. But every time she did qualify, she took home the blue ribbon—4 of them!
Then we moved on to CDST’s UKC trials at Companion. Kenzie excelled there, with an almost perfect weekend—all qualifying runs, all but one 200. She received 8 first places, 4 UGRACH legs, 3 High in Trials, 3 High with an Additional Title awards, 3 High Combined awards and the coveted Richard & Susie Stanfield Memorial Tro- phy. Kylie had a great weekend, too, gaining 30 points toward her UACH title and lots of placements, qualifying in all but one run. She even edged Kenzie out for the blue ribbon in Division 2 on two of her runs!.
Finally, there was TDTC’s AKC agility trials at the Tulsa fairgrounds. Another great weekend, with Kenzie getting 2 Double Q’s and bunch of MACH points, and winning multiple blue ribbons in a class of very good 12” dogs. Kylie was no slouch either; she (surprisingly) handled many very twisty and challenging courses like a pro, and also came away with one Double Q, and multiple placement ribbons in a great group of 16” dogs.
I am so proud of both of them. Kenzie, who will turn 12 in April, has not slowed down one little bit and is as driven and consistent as ever. Running with her is a joy. Kylie, though still a bit unpredictable, is coming along and I often get glimpses of greatness in her. She really does try hard to do what I want her to do. So, the happy journey continues… we look forward to more fun in 2017.

Jane Tyson


Congratulations to Claire for her accomplishments!

Claire has competed in multiple Trials in the past months — Agility, Nosework and Rally. She received multiple titles and placements in the trials.

She received several UKC Titles:
UROG (United Rally Obedience Grand Champion) at Gateway UKC Nationals.
UGRAUCH (4) in Agility.
Novice Nosework Title.
Novice Vehicle Title.
Advanced Handler Discrimination Title.
Excellent Handler Discrimination Title.
Completing the Handler Discrimination Title.

She received several AKC Titles:
Open Standard Preferred Title.

Open Jumps with Weaves Preferred Agility Title.

Thanks to all of Claire’s and my Instructors and friends that encourage us to keep on working, competing and winning.

Barb Casto


WHEN: Saturday, February 4, 2017
TIME: 5:00 pm—Social Hour; 6:00 pm—Dinner
WHERE: Michael V’s Restaurant, 103rd and Memorial


Friday: February 10, 2017 6pm – 8pm.
Tulsa Dog Training Club


The TAC UKC Agility Trials will be held on February 11th and 12th at Tulsa Dog Training Club. If you have a crate at the Club — Remember if it is not going to be used for the trial please remove it by Thursday, February 9th.
If your crate will be used for trial, please be sure to put a note on it so the set‐up crew will know it stays inside. All crates remaining in the building that are not marked for use in the trial will be placed outside in the north yard. You will be responsible for bringing it back into the building.

Barbara Casto

Paw Pals

Dog Days at Carnegie Elementary lets kids practice reading with canine companions

Carnegie kids practice reading with canine companions

By Arianna Pickard Tulsa World Jan 12, 2017

Seven certified therapy dogs were dispersed among bookshelves and kid-sized tables in the Carnegie Elementary School library Wednesday afternoon, waiting quietly beside their owners as students approached to read to them.

About 30 students took turns reading out loud to the canine companions for 20 minutes each during the school’s “Dog Day,” an event the school has held twice a month for about eight years.

The school at 4309 E. 56th St. coordinates with Paw Pals, a Tulsa dog-training organization, to bring therapy dogs and their owners to the school.

“We’re always looking for ways to promote reading,” said school librarian Michael Stokley, who got the idea from an article about how reading to dogs can improve students’ reading strategies and skills.

The idea is to create a pleasant environment to encourage students to read more, and many students are drawn to participate just to spend time with the dogs.

“Practice makes perfect, as the old saying goes, so the more kids practice and the more comfortable they are in a certain setting, the more inclined they are to enjoy it,” Stokley said.

The experience is also meant to build students’ confidence when reading out loud.

“You can actually see the tension coming out of the kids,” Stokley said about the effect the dogs have on students who might otherwise be reluctant to read.

Jennifer Simms, who coordinates the teams of Paw Pals members who visit Carnegie, said many of the students who participate are already good readers but benefit from the comfort of reading to a “nonjudgmental” listener.

Simms brought her almost-9-year-old golden retriever, Mandy, who has been a therapy dog for about seven years.

After fifth-grader Makenzie Wiegers read a book to them, Mandy rolled onto her back for a stomach rub.

“That’s her reward for listening so well,” Simms told Makenzie.

It was Makenzie’s first time to participate, and she said she loves reading but isn’t always comfortable reading out loud to people.

“It was really fun,” she said, adding that the dog lay on her shoe while she was reading. “It was really cute.”

Second-grader Gabby Callison read aloud with one hand holding the book on her lap and the other resting on the head of a Boston terrier named Sassy, whose owner helped her through difficult words as the three sat on carpeted steps next to a wall of windows.

Standing up to leave after her 20 minutes of reading was up, Gabby said she enjoyed the experience because she loves dogs.

Alisa Johnson said this is Sassy’s first year to participate in “Dog Days” at Carnegie after becoming a certified therapy dog last spring.

“I love seeing little kids who are sometimes really shy or reserved open up to the dogs,” Johnson said.

Second-grader Walker West sat in a corner of the library reading to Lance, a flat-coated retriever who shifted from lying on the floor to nudging his companions to pet him.

“He loves to be petted all the time,” said Michael Impastato, adding that his dog is “always looking for the next person to pet him.”

Walker said it’s fun to read to the dogs and that he loves the experience because he doesn’t have a dog at home.

Impastato noted that Lance has participated in similar sessions at other schools and that Carnegie does a “fantastic” job of keeping the event organized and under control so students can be relaxed and focused while reading.

Paw Pals members whose therapy dogs enjoy being around children are welcome to volunteer if they are available from 1 to 2 p.m. on the second or third Wednesday of each month.

Story courtesy of Tulsa World. View the story here Dog Days at Carnegie Elementary lets kids practice reading with canine companions.

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