July 2017

From the President

TDTC is the premier dog training facility in Northeast Oklahoma. Our strength lies in our membership and the many volunteer hours that are donated to our club. Each of our members is important and every role is important. It is gratifying to be a part of a club where generous volunteers give their time and talents because they care and take pride in our club and its mission, as opposed to being paid to keep our organization running. As in many volunteer organizations, most of our volunteer hours are donated by a small number of our members. I try to volunteer at our club as much as possible, whether it involves teaching a class, setting up for an event, or helping with a trial or Canine Good Citizen event. If you are a member that has not volunteered recently to assist at a club function, we encourage you to join us. The intrinsic rewards are great, and you will enjoy the fellowship and the opportunity to become better acquainted with other club members.

Our members are our club’s strongest component. Another factor, however, that contributes to our excellence is our facility. Your Board of Directors has made sure that our facility is properly maintained and that capital improvements are made when appropriate. In the coming months, you will see additional activity in this area. The Board has approved the remodeling of our bathrooms. We have also approved the repair and partial resurfacing of our parking lot. The parking lot project will be done following the summer session and will require us to limit access to the parking lot during the project. Although this will create an inconvenience for a short time for a few of our members, the club will benefit from the improvements that will result when the project is completed.

It is an honor to serve as your president. I look forward to seeing you at the club.

Ed Hardesty
President Tulsa Dog Training Club

Upcoming Events

July 1 – TDTC Picnic/General Meeting 6pm
August 4 – Agility Fun Run
August 11 – TDTC Board Meeting – 7pm
August 12 – Practice Canine Good Citizen Test 10am-12pm
August 19 – Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test – 12pm
August 20 – Summer Evaluation Week Begins
August 25 – Beginners Graduation – 7pm
August 26-27 – Agility Seminar

From the Training Director

Thank you to all the Instructors, Assistants, & Apprentices here at TDTC. Your volunteering, is one reason our club can continue each session.

Sue Shockley



Welcome to TDTC’s newest Associate Members

Member Name Dog & Breed
Kendra Brittain Axel – Terrier Mix
Kathy Freeman Hercules – Great Dane/English Mastiff Mix
Rebecca Ishmael Jack – Labrador Retriever/Boxer Mix
Sharon Markham Lady & Butch – Poodle
Presley Newman Maia – Miniature American Shepherd
Mascha Ross Husky & Pepsi – Border Collie
Jessica Smith Ollie – Mixed
Jennifer Watkins Mayday – Cane Corso
Laura Winfield Hank – Red Heeler

Pam Gennardo
Membership Chair

Paw Prints

The deadline for the September 2017 newsletter is Sunday, August 27th. You may submit articles, pictures, brags, new additions, sympathy notes, committee reports, or any other item you would like to include to me at pawprints.tdtc@gmail.com.

Mariann Duca
Paw Prints Editor


Claire enjoys doing Nosework with her friends. She received several Nosework Titles in May and June on 2017. Elite Container Title with a 1st Place Nosework Container Title
1st leg in Master Interior with 3rd Place Advanced Vehicle Title with 3rd and 4th Places Advanced Exterior Title
Advanced Nosework Title

Barb Casto


Courtesy of Anna Fitzgerald


Kalea earned her Elite Interior title with a 1st place finish over Memorial Day weekend in Paris, Texas. She thoroughly enjoys the Nosework trials!

Jeri Hajek


Kalea was able to earn her first Grad Open leg at the Irish Setter show! And yes, I did tell my Nosework dog not to sniff in the ring! LOL

Jeri Hajek


My sweet Kanali had a terrific weekend at our TAC Nosework trial in June! Two 2nd place finishes to earn her Advanced Vehicle and her Advanced Nosework Title.

Jeri Hajek


Caisson’s Storm Chaser at Da-Jo VCD1(CD, NAP, NJP TD), RN, OAP, OJP, TDX, CGC
It has only been two months since Chase earned his Tracking Dog title and on May 7th he earned his Tracking Dog Excellent title. The tracking test was held at the Port of Catoosa. His track was three hours old, 830 yards long, had seven turns and crossed two roads. The grass was almost over his head. It took him sixteen minutes to complete the track. I’m so proud of this boy. He has also earned his PAM. This is the Performance Award of Merit given by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America. This year at the German Shepherd Nationals Chase will be in the Parade of Greats. I am so proud of this boy. Chase just turned two years old on April 1st.

Debra Hnath, Partner


Cali Klindera completed her advanced exterior title at TACs recent nose work trials with a second and a fourth place. Mom is proud. Thanks to Dovie Ryan and Debra Hnath for judging an awesome event.

Gisella Klindera

Lynda Brownson is happy to announce that Givens N Allstar LB Alle (aka Alle) not only passed her beginning obedience class with the highest score the end of May, but she earned her CGC title the following weekend. These were big steps for the little girl who came to live with me in March without any formal training. I credit Alle’s teachers Ed Hardesty and Johnnie Hart for guiding the “Alle team” to the success achieved in class. I also want to give a shout out to Warren Pagel for setting up the practice CGC test and to Shirley Schillinger for her support.


Well MR GRU was on and off… but we had a couple of stellar moments. On Novice Vehicles (better known as BOB…birch on a bumper) that has eluded us for hmmm over a year…he found it in both trials… for his Novice Vehicle title. That alone was worth the price of admission! The other was Friday night in Handler Discrimination where he qualified in HD Excellent (his first time on that level) and took 1st Place! In Exterior, he really preferred smelling the air…and listening to the birds…and there was that time he just laid out on the towel. Oh well, I was so proud of the other two victories it was ok…

Ann Morrison

MR GRU did a great job back on lead in the AKC Rally Novice run at the Irish Setter show. He finished his title in some stiff competition so no placement (probably my fault ha-ha) …very proud of him. On a side note, one of the participants was his Foster Mom. What a wonderful moment to meet the person was first to help him survive and was very instrumental in his progression to our little home now. We shared some happy tears. Thanks also to Laura for telling me I really needed to meet this dog! To those of you that foster…God Bless you. For those who are not able to do that…pray
for those who can… it is a noble calling.

My boy crashed out again…
xxxooo Nite Nite All…
Ann Morrison


Congratulations to the handlers and dogs that participated in the Agility Evaluation day on May 28, 2017: Ricochet, Seamus, Levi, Leo, Maize, Rocket, Ranger, Anna, and Lilly. A big thank you goes out to the Agility instructors who came out to support their students and help setup and put away the course equipment: Dovie Ryan, Johnnie Hart, Tom Kotch, and Ed Hardesty.

Thank you to everyone who participated and instructed in the agility classes throughout the Spring session.

Sandra Wright-Hackler
Director of Agility Training

Thank You

TAC June 2017 Nosework Trials

Thank you so much to our judges Dovie and Debra, our trial secretary Mariann, and from me a most special thank you to all the volunteers who stepped up to make the June 2017 TAC Nosework Trials a success by all accounts. I had people who didn’t have dogs entered who came early, really early, brought their vehicle for us to use, and stayed to work, most doing multiple jobs. I had people running dogs who worked hard around their running schedule, and I had people come up to me at the trials and volunteer to fill in (and at least one recruited spouse who worked really hard helping the vehicle trials folks get in and out for their runs), and the folks who came to set up, and who got things put away at the end. We had a blast, and again thank you so much to Lenore DuBaldo, Ramona Stanfield, Lynda and Bob Portiss, Ann Morrison, Nancy Reeder, Teresa Doerksen, Sara Whipple, Gail Hair, Shannon Seidler, Lorrie Russ and Mike, Judy Spens, Gretchen Hannefield, Sue Young, Sharon Cairns, Marina Symcox, Marty Sprecher, Terri Marinier, Randy and Jackie Williams, Barb Casto, Laura Morris, Kathy Gray, Jeri Hajek, Tom Kotch, Johnnie Hart, Steve Bull, Carole Noss, and Sheryl Powers.

Shelley Geyer, Chief Steward

Many thanks to the following people who got up very early and brought their vehicles for us to search at the TAC Nosework Trial: Lorrie Russ, Shannon Seidler, Judy Spens, Jeri Hajek, Ann Morrison, Barb Casto, Gisella Klindera, Jackie Williams, Nancy Reeder, Sally Harris, Carole Noss, Mariann Duca, Lynda Portiss, Shelley Geyer, Teresa Doerksen, Beth Harshfield, Gail Hair, Kristan Zollars, Cheryl Powers, Nina Lynn, Debra Hnath and Dovie Ryan. Also, a very big round of applause and thanks to Bob Portiss and Lorrie Russ for serving as valets to move cars in and out of the search area.

Kathy Gray, Vehicle Wrangler

Paw Pals

Basil has received his Therapy Dog Advanced title for making over 100 therapy visits.

Steve O’Gwin

Welcome to the World

Ginger would like to announce the arrival of her new family member, Micah Stephen Goforth – born May 21, 2017 to Kade and Valerie Goforth. We are immensely thankful to the teachers and members of TDTC who have been so encouraging to us while Valerie and Ginger trained through pregnancy. The Goforth family is doing well and Valerie and Ginger are looking forward to coming back to TDTC for the summer session.

Valerie Goforth

In Memoriam

Sadly, we lost Barkley (14 1⁄2 years young) on May 5, 2017 due to multiple health issues.
He was an active PawPals dog from 2007 to early 2015 until deafness and partial blindness put him into retirement. What did he do then? Well he put himself to work as my elderly mother’s therapy dog for almost 2 years!

Barkley loved everyone he met, had a tail that seemed to never stop wagging since the day we found him at the Tulsa Animal Shelter, and leaves a huge hole in our lives. ☹ Rest easy dear, sweet boy.

He is now young again playing with his favorite dog sister, Cherokee, the Greyhound, whom he followed after into PawPals.

Cat Ingram & Family


February 14, 2004 – May 30, 2017

I know that all dogs are AWESOME, and Skylar was no exception. Her unconditional love and sense of knowing made her very special to me and everyone she met.

My husband and I adopted Skylar through Golden Retriever Rescue when she was one-year old. It was love at first sight. However, as we all know when we adopt a pet, we don’t always know their ‘back-story’. We found that Skylar was a flight-risk, had bad manners, and had no understanding of the English language.

Skylar and I became members of the Tulsa Dog Training Club in 2006 and started taking obedience classes. I remember when we graduated from the Beginners Class to Advanced Beginners; I was so excited that we didn’t fail. It took us about two years of obedience training for Skylar to pass her Canine Good Citizen Test. We were members of PawPals, through TDTC, from November 2008 until we ‘retired’ in November 2015.

Skylar enjoyed, so much, visiting her elderly people and her dog friends. One of my most treasured memories of PawPals happened at Montereau. There was a man who had been placed there by his family. He was so unhappy. One of the aides told me he had not talked to anyone for two days. Then he met Skylar. She put her head on his leg and just stayed there. This unhappy man began talking to Skylar and still she just stayed in place with her head on his lap. The joy I felt was all consuming. I will never forget that experience.
Skylar was very special and is sorely missed. She used to greet me every time I came home with a present; one of her squeaky toys. Toward the end, Skylar still enjoyed playing with her squeaky toys. We would gather them together in the middle of the room and with both of us squeezing, make as much music as possible for as long as she wanted.

Even though her body was giving out on her, she never lost the sparkle in her eyes or the wag of her tail. I have her collar, with her name tags, on the lampshade of the lamp next to my bed and that is where it will stay.

Sometimes, we find a miracle and sometimes a miracle finds us.

Lisa Perno

Bailey Bradford Brown CGC CD
October 2007 – June 15, 2017

It was February 2008 and I had puppy fever. I was in my last year at OU, living in an apartment, worried that my parents would yell at me for adopting a dog. I looked anyway. With intentions at checking out a specific dog that day, I went to the OKC shelter. That dog wasn’t there, but I scanned the kennels anyway. I slowly went down every row, becoming more discouraged as I walked. Like women on Say Yes to the Dress, there’s that moment when you know that’s the one. I wasn’t feeling it. But on the last row and the last kennel – there she was. Around 3 months old, dancing around in her own poop, excited to see someone. She had been picked up by someone and waiting to see if she had family. After the waiting period for potential owners, getting spayed, and a mix up that she was “part of a litter of Rottweilers,” I finally got to take her home. I picked her up from the cage and she put her head on my shoulder as we walked out.

Bailey was a once-in-a-lifetime type of dog. She never went to the bathroom in the house or chewed anything she wasn’t supposed to. She was friendly to the cat that showed up one day, and to the dog I brought home that my mom subsequently adopted. She gave hugs. She was named after quarterback Sam Bradford. And any song that had ‘baby’ in the lyrics was replaced with ‘Bailey’ and sung to her whether she liked it or not.

Bailey and I began obedience training in 2015 and passed every Novice class. And not just passed, but received almost perfect scores every exam. By July 2016, she had her Canine Good Citizen title and her Companion Dog title, which we finished in 4 trials. Bailey didn’t just qualify either, she got 1st place in every trial she qualified.

She made everyone smile who met her, and she was fiercely loyal to me. To say we were kindred spirits is an understatement. Nine years wasn’t long enough, but any amount wouldn’t be.

So, in honor of Bailey Boo, raise your glass, hug your dog, and take them to obedience training.

Laura Brown

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