October 2017

From the President

Our summer session has concluded and exciting things are happening at TDTC. Your Board of Directors continues to provide outstanding leadership in doing all that is possible to make TDTC the premier dog training facility in the area. We recently completed a fantastic agility seminar with Kim Seiter. I always learn something new when I attend a seminar, and this one was no exception. Kim did a wonderful job in communicating her concepts and in working with individual dogs and handlers. I hope that you will take advantage of future TDTC seminars.

Another action approved by your Board is our parking lot improvement project. Our parking lot has long been in need of repair. We appreciate your understanding during this time.

Finally, I want to encourage you to volunteer to serve as an officer or committee member at TDTC in 2018. You will soon see an interest form. Take time to complete the form and leave it at the club. Our club functions only through the many volunteer hours donated by our members.

I look forward to seeing you at the club.

Ed Hardesty,
President Tulsa Dog Training Club

Upcoming Events

October 6 TDTC Board Meeting 7pm
October 20 Rally/Obedience Show and Go
October 27 AKC Rally Trials
October 28-29 AKC Obedience Trials
November 5 Daylight Savings Ends – Fall back
November 10 TDTC General Meeting 7pm
November 11 Canine Good Citizen Test – 12pm
November 12-16 Agility and Obedience Evaluation
November 17 Beginners Graduation 7pm
December 1TDTC Board Meeting – 7pm
December 8-19 AKC Agility Trials

American Kennel Club (AKC) Trials

Date Hosted By Location Trial Type
Oct. 6-8 Amarillo Obedience Training Club Amarillo, TX Agility
Oct. 6-8 Dalmatian Organization of Houston Houston, TX Agility
Oct. 6-8 Dallas-Ft. Worth English Springer Spaniel Assoc. McKinney, TX Agility
Oct. 6-8 Waco Agility Group Waco, TX Agility
Oct. 7-8 German Shepherd Dog Club of America Gray Summit, MO Agility
Oct. 7-8 Deep South All Breed Obedience Training Club Mandeville, LA Obedience
Oct. 7-8 Newfoundland Club of America, Inc. Wentzville, MO Obedience
Oct. 13-15 Alamo Dog Obedience Club, Inc. San Antonio, TX Agility
Oct. 13-15 Fort Bend Kennel Club, Inc. Spring, TX Agility
Oct. 13-15 Show Me Agility Club of Central Missouri Columbia, MO Agility
Oct. 14-15 Oklahoma City Obedience Training Club, Inc. Enid, OK Scent Work
Oct. 14-15 Sooner State Kennel Club Enid, OK Agility
Oct. 14-15 Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club, Inc. Lawrence, KS Obedience
Oct. 14-15 Houston Obedience Training Club, Inc. Houston, TX Obedience
Oct. 20-22 Kansas City Gold Retreiver Club Blue Springs, MO Agility
Oct. 20-22 NASA Area Companion Dog Association Spring, TX Agility
Oct. 20-21 Acadiana Kennel Club, Inc. Rayne, LA Obedience
Oct. 20-22 Springfield MO Dog Training Club, Inc. Springfield, MO Obedience
Oct. 20-22 Calcasieu Kennel Club, Inc. Rayne, LA Obedience
Oct. 22 Acadiana Kennel Club, Inc. Rayne, LA Rally
Oct. 27-29 Houston Area K-9 Scent Work Club Houston, TX Scent Work
Oct. 27-29 Southeast Texas Agility Club Crosby, TX Agility
Oct. 27-29 Dog Agility Association of the Ozarks Springfield, MO Agility
Oct. 27-29 Oil Patch Agility Club of West Texas Andrews, TX Agility
Oct. 27 Heart of Texas Labrador Retriever Club Austin, TX Obedience
Oct. 28-29 Collie Club of Austin, Inc. Austin, TX Agility
Oct. 28-29 Travis County Kennel Club Austin, TX Obedience
Oct. 28-29 Saline County Kennel Club of Arkansas Benton, AR Obedience
Nov. 2 Wichita Dog Training Club, Inc. Hutchinson, KS Agility
Nov. 3-5 Capitol Dog Training Club of Austin, Inc. Leander, TX Agility
Nov. 3-5 Hutchinson Kennel Club, Inc. Hutchinson, KS Agility
Nov. 3-5 Little Rock Dog Training Club, Inc. Searcy, AR Agility
Nov. 3-5 Baytown Kennel Club Spring, TX Agility
Nov. 4-5 Bexar County Kennel Club, Inc. Pleasanton, TX Scent Work
Nov. 4-5 Tri-State Kennel Club, Inc. Joplin, MO Obedience
Nov 4-5 Concho Kennel Club, Inc. San Angelo, TX Obedience
Nov. 7-8 French Bulldog Club of America Gray Summit, MO Agility
Nov. 10-12 South Plains Obedience Training Club of Lubbock Lubbock, TX Agility
Nov. 10-12 Bluebonnet Poodle Club Spring, TX Agility
Nov. 10-12 Austin K-9 Express Agility Club Leadner, TX Agility
Nov. 10-12 Northwest Arkansas Agility Group Fayetteville, AR Agility
Nov. 10-12 Miniature American Shepherd Club of the US Broken Arrow, OK Agility
Nov. 11-12 D’Arbonne Kennel Club Haughton, LA Obedience
Nov. 12 Show Me Agility Club of Central Missouri Columbia, MO Scent Work
Nov. 16-18 Tri-County Agility Club of Missouri Wentzville, MO Agility
Nov. 16-18 Wichita Dog Training Club, Inc. Whitewater, KS Agility
Nov. 17-19 Oklahoma City Obedience Training Club, Inc. Norman, OK Scent Work
Nov. 17-19 Dallas Agility Working Group Denton, TX Agility
Nov. 17-19 Wheatland Golden Retreiver Club of Wichita Whitewater, KS Agility
Nov. 17-19 Lone Star English Cocker Spaniel Club Spring, TX Agility
Nov. 18-19 Tri-County Agility Club of Missouri Wentzville, MO Agility
Nov. 18-19 Central Oklahoma Golden Retriever Club Norman, OK Rally
Nov. 18-19 Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club, Inc. Raytown, MO Obedience
Nov. 24-26 Gateway Agility Club of Suburbian St. Louis Lake St. Louis, MO Agility
Nov. 24-26 Calcasieu Kennel Club, Inc. Lake Charles, LA Agility
Nov. 24-26 Greater Houston Pembroke Welsh Corgi Fanciers Spring, TX Agility
Nov. 24-26 Bell County Kennel Club Belton, TX Agility
Nov. 25-26 West Houston Obedience Dog Club Houston, TX Obedience
Dec. 1-3 Bexar County Kennel Club, Inc. San Antonio, TX Agility
Dec. 1-3 American Bouvier des Flandres Club, Inc. Spring, TX Agility
Dec. 1-3 Den Tex Agility Club McKinney, TX Agility
Dec. 1-3 Triune Agility Club of Southwest Illinois Wentzille, MO Agility
Dec. 2-3 Conroe Kennel Club Conroe, TX Obedience
Dec. 2-3 Irish Setter Club of Greater Tulsa, Inc. Tulsa, OK Scent Work
Dec. 8-10 Wheatstate Agility Group of Northeast Kansas Blue Springs, MO Agility
Dec. 8-10 Rio Grande Obedience Dog Club, Inc. El Paso, TX Agility
Dec. 8-10 Travis County Kennel Club Leadner, TX Agility
Dec. 8-10 Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls Wichita Falls, TX Agility
Dec. 8-10 North Arkansas Kennel Club Harrison, AR Obedience
Dec. 9-10 NASA Area Companion Dog Association League City, TX Agility
Dec. 9-10 Paw Prints Agility Club of Shreveport LA Greenwood, LA Agility
Dec. 15-17 Tyler Obedience Training Club Tyler, TX Agility
Dec. 15-17 Louisiana Capital City Obedience City Port Allen, LA Agility
Dec. 29-31 Conroe Agility Training Club Spring, TX Agility
Please check trial dates for accuracy

United Kennel Club (UKC) Trials

Date Hosted By Location Trial Type
Oct. 14-15 South Texas Nosework Dogs Houston, TX Nosework
Oct. 21-22 OK Paws K9 Sports Club Norman, OK Agility
Oct. 21-22 Dodge City Kennel Club Dodge City, KS Agility
Oct. 21-22 Texas K9 Association Paris, TX Obedience
Nov. 10-12 United Nosework Paris, TX Nosework
Nov. 18-19 Companion Dog Club of Tulsa, Inc. Tulsa, OK Agility
Nov. 24-26 Competition Dogs of the Ozarks Springfield, MO Nosework
Nov. 25-26 Northwest Louisiana Dog Obedience Club Haughton, LA Obedience
Dec. 8-11 Canine Headquarters Hutto, TX Nosework
Please check trial dates for accuracy

The deadline for the November 2017 newsletter is Tuesday, October 31st. You may submit articles, pictures, brags, new additions, sympathy notes, committee reports, or any other item you would like to include to me at pawprints.tdtc@gmail.com.

Mariann Duca
Paw Prints Editor

Director of Training Updates

A big THANK YOU to all the Instructors, Assistants, & Apprentices. Without you we could not hold classes.

Reminder to students – if you miss a class, you can pick another class to go to & do a make-up class.

Thank you to ALL who made the Summer Beginners Graduation possible. All instructors, assistants and apprentices, as well as people who set up everything and put everything back away. The people who brought their dogs & did Obedience, Rally, Nosework, & Agility demos & those who helped set up the equipment for demos. The hospitality set up of snacks & drink. The education given about our classes our club & pet therapy group. If I tried to say all the names I know I would forget someone. So instead THANK YOU! so much to all of you.

Sue Shockley
TDTC Director of Training

TDTC Picnic


Gigi with her patriotic hat on at the 4th of July picnic.

Dan and Sandy Fox


Tilly got 2 legs of her AGI on August 5th, scoring 191 and 196. This is the first time either she or I had been in a trial. This was resulted in 2 first place ribbons.

Steve O’Gwin

After years of taking the agility class, Christopher Robin (aka Beastie), finally earned his AGI title for UKC in the TAC trial August 6th.

Sharon Crowson


Zar’n received two High in Trials at the TAC Agility Trials in August. Couldn’t seem to put good runs together as no UGRACH legs for him. Ziva managed one UGRACH leg out of four tries. And Zuko got his AGI title at his first trial ever. Out of four runs, all were 193+ and the last was a 200. Very happy with these guys as the courses were a bit complicated, although very fun.

Chris Hatchett

Hope and I had a great time this summer running AKC and UKC agility, and UKC nosework and rally. We so appreciate the local clubs putting on the trials they do so we can have a fun and not travel.
She was able to finish her UROC and URX titles, her AN, AV, AE, SI titles in nosework, and earned her UGRACH 2. It has indeed been a journey, and I think she’s glad I’m finally getting it, leading to several high in trial and special awards for us at the various trials.
We started classes when she was 6 months old at TDTC 6.5 years ago
and we haven’t stopped, so we owe a lot of our success to our village of instructors, friends, fellow competitors and the judges who always make sure we all have a good time, but are challenged.

Shelley Geyer

This has been an eventful summer for the Brownson Canine Trio: Brown, Allen and Alle. All three titled in Tricks. Allen and Brown received their Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Tricks titles and Alle received her Tricks Novice Title. Below is a limited sample of my three tricksters’ repertoires. The first photograph is Allen opening the cooler to find a hidden cookie. The second is Brown proudly carrying his Spiderman basket and I must say with gusto up the stairs to me. The third is a photo of Alle in the basket into which she jumped after receiving the command. All three jumped in a large empty box, but the blue basket can only hold one at a time. This summer of tricks was so much fun and rewarding for canine and human. We all had a great time and went through A LOT of cookies.

Lynda Brownson


Riker now has his Rally Novice title.

Sue Shockley


Merlot earned his 2nd UGRACH title at the TAC agility trials in August. Smart boy and ranked in the top 10 in UKC.


Brandy is enjoying a special treat after earning some points towards her UKC ACH title this month at the TAC agility trials.


Caesar earned his Canine Good Citizen title this month. He went on to pass (barely) his Novice 1 obedience class. The week before he was perfect in the run thru. Am blaming his lackadaisical attitude on being a Berner and the eclipse!

Carol Minden

Kanali earns her Elite Containers on 9/9/17 at Companion’s Nosework trial. So very proud she finished this title!

Jeri Hajek


Allen missed the last two weeks of Tricks and Rally classes because he was finishing his conformation championship in Greeley, Colorado, with expert handler Sandy Slattum.
He is now UKC CH INT CH and AKC CH Allstar Givens LB Going All In BN CGCA TA after being named WD and BOW for a 5 point major at the Great Denver Dalmatian Club Specialty and WD with another 5 point major at the Greeley Kennel Club, Inc Dog Show. I couldn’t be prouder or happier with his performance in the conformation ring.

Lynda Brownson


A very successful day at Companion’s Handler Discrimination Nosework trial on 9/9/17. Lots of titles and legs earned under Judge Dovie Ryan! Club members celebrating are Anne Morrison & Mr. Gru, Teresa Doerksen & Abbey, Shelley Geyer & Hope, Sharon Cairns & Dulce, Kathy Gray & Mac and Jeri Hajek & Kanali.

So proud of my sweet Kanali for earning her Advanced Handler st Discrimination title on 9/9/17, under Judge Dovie Ryan. She took 1 place and High in Trial!
Kalea had an incredible day on Sunday, 9/10/17 at Companion’s Nosework Trial, finishing her Elite Exterior Title with a 1st place/High in Trial and a 2nd place! Just love this little girl who is always happy and ready for any new adventure.

Jeri Hajek

Title! Handler Discrimination Excellent! 1st place and High in trial! So proud of my boy! Thanks to Dovie Ryan and all the support from my friends and trainers!
1st leg superior container and 2nd place – thanks again everyone!

Ann Morrison

Mom is very proud of her little girl. Cali finished her nose work elite container title in September with a first and a second in her two qualifying runs.

Gisella Klindera


Barb & Claire celebrating their Superior Exterior title!

Paw Pals

Paw Pals was invited to participate again this year in the 4th annual Senior Safety and Lifestyle Fair held recently at Expo Square.

As in previous years, the Paw Pals therapy dogs were very popular. We even managed to get a quick picture with the event’s emcee Lori Fullbright/News on 6 after her “Cons, Fraud, and Scams” presentation.

Paw Pals members attending were Beth Ann Jensen and Allie, Nina Lynn and Daisy, Elaine Hendrickson and Coal, Jennifer Simms and Jaxson, Glenda Poulos and Deacon, Steve O’Gwin and Basil, Karen Harris and Heidi, JoAnn O’Brien and Toby, and Alicia Detter and Ginger.

LIFE Senior Services partners with the Tulsa Police Department each year to present this one-of-a-kind event for seniors. It featured free breakfast, goodie bags, health screenings, informational presentations, hundreds of vendors, therapy dogs, pet adoptions and much more. Almost 1,100 people attended the event this year.

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