November 2017

From the President

As our fall session comes to a close it is appropriate to take a moment to reflect on many of our club’s accomplishments. We have changed the lives of many handlers and their dogs through our excellent training sessions. Even if a handler only completes a puppy or beginners class, we have made a positive impact on the dog and its handler that most dog owners never experience. If we can encourage some of our entry level handlers to continue their training, join our club and eventually show a dog, we have made an even more lasting impact, have strengthened our club and taken a step to insure our future success. It is critical, therefore, to make our entry level handlers feel welcome and to encourage them to continue to train at TDTC.

In addition to the outstanding classes that we offer, we have recently completed a successful AKC rally and obedience trial. The trial was full and I received many compliments from exhibitors, many of whom traveled to Tulsa to show at TDTC. Our trial’s success is the result of the countless hours contributed by our many volunteers. A special thanks to all that made this a special event. We will soon have our December AKC agility trial. Please commit to taking time to serve your club by volunteering at this event. With your help this trial will reflect the excellence that is characteristic of our club.
I want to encourage all of our TDTC family to attend our Christmas party. I also want to encourage you to make a special effort to take care of our facilities if you train at TDTC between our fall and winter sessions. It just takes a few minutes to make sure that our equipment is properly stored and that our building and grounds are kept clean each time we utilize our facilities.

I deeply appreciate to privilege to serve as your president. I look forward to seeing you at the club.

Ed Hardesty
President Tulsa Dog Training Club

Upcoming Events

Dec. 1 – TDTC Board Meeting 7pm
Dec. 2 – TDTC Christmas Party 6:30pm
Dec. 8-10 – AKC Agility Trials
Jan. 5 – Show-N-Go
Jan. 7-11 – Agility Classes Begin
Jan 8-11 – Obedience Classes Begin
Jan. 12-14 – UKC Rally/Obedience Trials
Jan. 19 – TDTC General Meeting

American Kennel Club (AKC) Trials

Date Hosted By Location Trial Type
Nov. 24-26 Gateway Agility Club of Suburbian St. Louis Lake St. Louis, MO Agility
Nov. 24-26 Calcasieu Kennel Club, Inc. Lake Charles, LA Agility
Nov. 24-26 Greater Houston Pembroke Welsh Corgi Fanciers Spring, TX Agility
Nov. 24-26 Bell County Kennel Club Belton, TX Agility
Nov. 25-26 West Houston Obedience Dog Club Houston, TX Obedience
Dec. 1-3 Bexar County Kennel Club, Inc. San Antonio, TX Agility
Dec. 1-3 American Bouvier des Flandres Club, Inc. Spring, TX Agility
Dec. 1-3 Den Tex Agility Club McKinney, TX Agility
Dec. 1-3 Triune Agility Club of Southwest Illinois Wentzille, MO Agility
Dec. 2-3 Conroe Kennel Club Conroe, TX Obedience
Dec. 2-3 Irish Setter Club of Greater Tulsa, Inc. Tulsa, OK Scent Work
Dec. 8-10 Wheatstate Agility Group of Northeast Kansas Blue Springs, MO Agility
Dec. 8-10 Rio Grande Obedience Dog Club, Inc. El Paso, TX Agility
Dec. 8-10 Travis County Kennel Club Leadner, TX Agility
Dec. 8-10 Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls Wichita Falls, TX Agility
Dec. 8-10 North Arkansas Kennel Club Harrison, AR Obedience
Dec. 9-10 NASA Area Companion Dog Association League City, TX Agility
Dec. 9-10 Paw Prints Agility Club of Shreveport LA Greenwood, LA Agility
Dec. 15-17 Tyler Obedience Training Club Tyler, TX Agility
Dec. 15-17 Austin Golden Retraiver Club Belton, TX Agility
Dec. 15-17 Louisiana Capital City Obedience City Port Allen, LA Agility
Dec. 29-31 Conroe Agility Training Club Spring, TX Agility
Jan. 1 Conroe Agility Training Club Spring, TX Agility
Jan. 5-7 Gateway Agility Club of Suburban St. Louis Gray Summit, MO Agility
Jan. 5-7 Lone Star English Cocker Spaniel Club Spring, TX Agility
Jan. 6-7 Nolan River Kennel Club Glen Rose, TX Obedience
Jan. 12-14 Alamo Dog Obedience Club, Inc. San Antonio, TX Agility
Jan 12-14 Red Dirt Agility Club of Oklahoma Shawnee, OK Agility
Jan. 12-14 Texas Coastal Brittany Club Spring, TX Agility
Jan. 12-14 Waco Agility Group Belton, TX Agility
Jan. 12-13 Dog Obedience Club of Las Cruces, Inc. El Paso, TX Obedience
Jan. 12-14 North St. Louis County Obedience Traning Club Wentzville, MO Obedience
Jan. 12-14 Obedience Club of Corpus Christi, Inc. Sinton, TX Obedience
Jan. 14-15 Rio Grande Obedience Dog Club, Inc. El Paso, TX Obedience
Jan. 19-21 Golden Retriever Club of Greater St. Louis Gray Summit, MO Agility
Jan. 19 Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater New Orleans, Inc. Kenner, LA Obedience
Jan. 20-21 Lone Star Poodle Club McKinney, TX Agility
Jan. 20-21 German Shepherd Dog Club of Beaumont Groves, TX Obedience
Jan. 20-21 Swamp Dog Agility Club of Greater New Orleans Kenner, LA Obedience
Jan. 26-28 Capitol Dog Training Club of Austin, Inc. Belton, TX Agility
Jan. 26-28 Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club, Inc. Blue Springs, MO Agility
Jan. 26-28 Staffordshire Terrier Club of America Spring, TX Agility
Jan. 27-28 St. Charles Missouri Kennel Club Lake St. Louis, MO Obedience
Please check trial dates for accuracy

United Kennel Club (UKC) Trials

Date Hosted By Location Trial Type
Nov. 24-26 Competition Dogs of the Ozarks Springfield, MO Nosework
Nov. 25-26 Northwest Louisiana Dog Obedience Club Haughton, LA Obedience
Dec. 8-11 Canine Headquarters Hutto, TX Nosework
Jan. 5-7 Companion Dog Club of Tulsa, Inc. Tulsa, OK Nosework
Jan. 12-14 Tulsa Agility Club Tulsa, OK Obedience
Jan. 13-14 Hutchinson Agility Training Team, Inc. Hutchinson, KS Agility
Jan. 13-14 Lone Star K9 Performance Club Alvarado, TX Nosework
Jan. 19-22 Canine Headquarters Hutto, TX Nosework
Please check trial dates for accuracy

From the Training Director

We just concluded our last class session for 2017, and I would like to thank all of the Instructors, Assistants, & Apprentices for volunteering this year.

Thank you all for your help & cooperation while I have been Director of Training. You made it possible for me to do my job for the club.

Thank you to the Training committee members who give of their time when I’ve called meetings. Thank you to everyone who volunteers at Beginner Graduation each session.

Sue Shockley
TDTC Director of Training


Welcome to TDTC’s newest Associate Members

Member Name Dog & Breed
Tammy Ballard Greta – Boxer
Susan Baxter Winston – Golden Retriever
Pete Carper Pistol – Labrador Retreiver
Margaret Donathan Cash – Rottweiler
Bill Foley Bevo – German Shepherd Dog
Lori, Paul, and Teresa Hahn Grace – Vizsla & Bailey – Irish Doodle
Bob Holmes Patton – Airedale Terrier
Cindy Jatras Sunny – Australian Shepherd
Andrea Lueck Peggy Lue – Australian Shepherd
Tierney Mullaney Hazel – Australian Shepherd
Chris & Alyssa Parker Bynnett – Boxer & Tucker – Golden Retriever
Sandi Robinson Lucy – Border Collie Mix
Gina Rocha Lilly – Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever Mix
Rachel Rodolph Armin – German Shepherd Dog
Kellie Russell Hank – Great Dane
Zach Wade Ruger – Australian Shepherd
Christine West Otis & Piper – English Springer Spaniel
Brooke Williamson Molly – Rat Terrier

Pam Gennardo
Membership Chair

January 2018 General Meeting

The presenter for our January19th General Meeting is Bryan Jones, a Tulsa Airport police officer, and his retired police dog, Tibo. Bryan and Tibo will be here to discuss and do a presentation of Tibo’s narcotics training. Tibo is a rescued Belgian Malinois and has an interesting story to tell about how he ended up in police work.

Lenore DuBaldo
Program Coordinator

TDTC Christmas Party


When: Saturday, December 2, 2017 6:30pm – ?
Where Tulsa Dog Training Club
TDTC will provide the meat, drinks, and eating utensils

Please bring one of the following dishes, depending on the first letter of your last name:

A – H — Salad

I – P — Dessert

Q – Z — Vegetable

We will be playing “Dirty Santa” after dinner. Please bring a $15 wrapped gift for reach reservation that you make if you plan on joining in on the fun.

Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, November 29, 2017, so that we can order the correct amount of meat. If you have any questions, or to RSVP, contact Jeri Hajek at 770-2816. You can also RSVP by email to

We will be setting up on Friday, December 1st, at 6 pm. Please let Jeri know if you can help us with this – it counts as one of your volunteer opportunities. Thank you.


Kalea and Kanali had fun at the Nosework trial in Springfield last month. Kalea finished her Master Vehicle & Master Nosework titles, and got her first Elite Vehicle leg. Both were first place finishes and HIT.

Kanali finished her Superior Exterior title with a 1st place and HIT. So very proud of my girls!

Jeri Hajek

Paw Pals


Board of Directors

Your TDTC Board of Directors and Officers for 2018 were elected into office at the November 2017 General Meeting.

President – Ed Hardesty
1st Vice President – Todd Johnson
2nd Vice President – Barb Casto
Recording Secretary – Gisella Klindera
Corresponding Secretary – Becky Lane
Treasurer – Dovie Ryan
Member at Large – Pam Gennardo
Director of Obedience Training – Kathy Gray
Director of Agility Training – Tom Kotch
Director of Publicity – Sue Shockley
Director of Obedience Trials – Sally Poindexter
Director of Agility Trials – Lenore DuBaldo
Immediate Past President – Jerry Mabry

Congratulations to all of our new Board members and Officers. Thank you to all outgoing Board members and Officers.

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