We offer group obedience and agility training classes, from puppy kindergarten to the highest levels of competitive obedience and agility. We teach and encourage positive training methods using treats, toys, and verbal praise as rewards. All instructors are volunteers and have earned at least one AKC Obedience Title with their dog. All instructors complete a hands-on apprenticeship program and participate in continuing education.

Weather Policy

If Tulsa Public Schools are closed during the day, the daytime classes will not be held. When the schools are closed during the day, evening classes may still be held.

Each individual instructor has the choice of whether to hold class or not. If you have any questions contact your instructor or they will contact you.

Aggression Policy

The club reserves the right to refuse admittance to a dog of a vicious temperament or to dismiss any aggressive dog from class. Aggressive dogs may be asked to be muzzled.

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